Puzzling at Parkside Pub

Review Date: Thu Jan 12, 2023
Wing Night: $0.79/wing Thursday

What I Liked

Dry Cajun was an option, so that was nice (extra $1.25 charge for that though).  The exterior was breaded and crispy, but they were a bit too crispy.

What Could Be Better

A few of the wings had broken bones and most of the wings were really dark and unpleasant looking once I dug in.

Would I Order These Again?

Exterior: 3/5

Crispy with a dry Cajun rub, but the exterior was quite brittle on the drums.  Maybe they were a bit overcooked, not sure.

Overall Quality: 2/5

Almost all the wings looked like this.  Not super appealing but a bit puzzling as to why they were like this.  I found this snippet online which provides an explanation for this:

Darkening around bones occurs primarily in young broiler-fryers. Since their bones have not calcified completely, pigment from the bone marrow can seep through the porous bones. When the chicken is cooked, the pigment turns dark. Freezing can also contribute to this seepage. It’s perfectly safe to eat chicken meat that turns dark near the bone during cooking.”.

So maybe these are from young chickens or perhaps remained in frozen state for a while.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Other Mentions:

I’ve had wings at the Parkside many times over the years, and I think they may  have just had an off night on this visist as they usually aren’t like this.

They also offer smoked wings but those aren’t included in the Wing Night deal.  I’ll probably switch it up and go with the smoked wings on my next visit.

Here’s another pic showing a few of the drums.  Not super appetizing.

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