Tracking the Halifax Wing Night deals and throwing in some reviews along the way.

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About Us

Halifax Wingman

Halifax Wingman

Self Proclaimed Chicken Wing Connoisseur

I enjoy the finer things in life, such as Chicken Wings and Beer!

I’ve created this site to share my experiences with fellow Wing lovers.

My goal is to do my best with keeping track of the Halifax Chicken Wing Night deals, and throwing in some Wing Reviews while I’m at it.


Domesticated Fowl: aka Chicken!

Domesticated Fowl: aka Chicken!

Provides tasty Wings for consumption

I’m a chicken, you may have even seen me around from time to time. Maybe crossing roads, maybe not (you’ll never truly know why I got to the other side).

Some of us lay eggs, some of us don’t. But we do share one thing in common – we all have wings!

I do know the existence of the Wingman wouldn’t even be possible without me, so I guess we make an alright team. That’s the important part, right?

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