Halifax Chicken Wing Reviews!

My take on the Wings I consume around Halifax

Reviews will be based on three categories with a top score of 5 points each, with a weight on each category:
(yeah, you read that right – points with weight on categories, this is some real mathematical shit right here)

Exterior: 40% weight
Overall Quality: 50% weight
Size: 10% weight

Check out the Wing Review Rating Scale to see how each category is rated.

Wings reviewed so far (15):

Jacob’s: 4.9/5
Alehouse: 4.5/5
Trendz Gastro Pub: 4.4/5

Pizzatown Sackville: 4.2/5
Parkside Pub: 4/5
Millstone Public House: 4/5

Hugo’s: 3.9/5
Kai Brady’s Fancy Dive Bar: 3.2/5
The Pint: 2.9/5
Wingman902 (HopYard pop-up): 2.6/5

Eli’s Pizzeria: 5/5
El Centro Pizza: 4/5

Fast food:
KFC: 3.4/5

Cook from home:
PC Dry-Rubbed Hardwood-Smoked: 3.9/5
No Name Buffalo Wings: 3.4/5

Prices mentioned in these reviews were accurate at the time of the review.  Check out the Wing Night page for up to date pricing.

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