Halifax Wing Nights!

Here’s a handy dandy little map I’ve been working on in case you’re not a fan of lists!

Alexandra's Pizza: $0.60/wing Wednesday

Beaver Bank Station: $8/lb Thursday

Big Leagues: $0.70/wing Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday

Colleen's Pub: $9/lb Wednesday and Thursday

Boston Pizza: $0.69/wing Thursday

Dave Doolittle's: $0.70/wing Wednesday

District 5: $7/lb Wednesday

Clay West: $0.49/wing Thursday

Halifax Alehouse: $16.50/10 wings and a pitcher of Coors Light or Canadian. Mon, Wed and Sat.

Fry Daddy's: $0.75wing Thursday

Freeman's: $0.89/wing Tuesday and Thursday

Freeman's: $0.89/wing Thursday

Gus' Pub: $5.50/lb Wednesday

Hugo's: $6/lb Thursday

HopYard: $7/lb Thursday

HFX Sports Bar: $8.25/lb Thursday

Jacob's Lounge: $0.70/wing Thursday

Jamieson's Irish House & Grill: $8/lb Thursday

Jungle Jim's: $6/lb Wednesday

Jenny's Place: $9/lb Wednesday and Thursday

Kai Brady's Fancy Dive Bar: $5/lb Thursday

Lions Head: $0.50/wing Tuesday

Lower Deck: $7.50/10 wings Thursday

Millstone Public House: $7/lb Wednesday

Mic Mac Bar and Grill: $8/lb Monday

Montes: $9.20/lb Wednesday

Millstone Public House: $7/lb Wednesday

Montana's: $7.50/lb Monday after 8:00 PM

Montana's BBQ: $7.50/lb after 8:00 PM

Moxie's: $7/50 lb Monday

Moxie's: $7.50/lb Monday

Old Port: $0.60/wing Friday

Moxie's: $7.50/lb Monday

Oasis: $11/lb and a pint Sunday. $0.49/wing Thursday

Old Port Pub and Grill: $0.60/wing Thursday and Friday

Parkside Pub: $0.69/wing Thursday

Pilot's Pub: $7.50/10 wings Wednesday

Porters Lake Pub: $0.70/wing Thursday and Sunday

Riverside Pub: $10/10 wings Wednesday and Thursday

Seamus David's Pub: $7.50/lb Wednesday and Thursday

Ship Victory Restaurant & Lounge: $0.75/wing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Split Crow: $10/lb and a pint Tuesday

Stubborn Goat: $15/lb and a pint Wednesday

Staggers Pub & Grub: $0.50/wing Thursday

Station Six: $17/lb and a pitcher of Coors Light or Canadian. Thursday

The Auction House: $7/lb Thursday

The Butcher's Block: $5/lb Wednesday

The Captain's Boil: $0.70/wing Thursday

The Dahlia: $8/7 wings Wednesday

The Local: $10/ten wings Monday

The Narrows Bistro: $5/lb Wednesday

The Pint: $0.69/wing Wednesday

Timberlea Beverage Room: $0.60/wing Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Turtleback: $8/lb Wednesday

Whiskey's Lounge: $0.50/wing Thursday

Your Father's Moustache: $0.75/wing Thursday

Wings are a great staple in any diet, and knowing the right day to catch the good wing night deals around Halifax can be critical. Hopefully this list comes in handy.

I will contact every place on the list a couple of times a year, probably in January and July however prices can change fairly quickly so if you notice an update is required or if somewhere needs to be added or removed, please let me know.

*** August 19th 2020 – all prices should be accurate. 



Big Leagues: $0.70/wing
Porters Lake Pub: $0.70/wing
Oasis: $11/pound and a pint



Halifax Alehouse: $16.50/10 wings and a pitcher of Coors Light or Canadian
Mic Mac Bar and Grill: $8/lb
Montana’s BBQ: $7.50/lb after 8:00 PM
Moxie’s: $7.50/lb
The Local: $10/10 wings



Alexandra’s Pizza (Grafton St. only): $0.60/wing
Freeman’s (Fairview): $0.89/wing
Lions Head: $0.50/wing

Split Crow: $10/lb and a pint 4:30 PM – close
Timberlea Beverage Room: $0.60/wing


Alexandra’s Pizza (Grafton St. only): $0.60/wing
Big Leagues:
Colleen’s Pub: $9/lb
Dave Doolittle’s: $0.70/wing
District 5: $7/lb
Gus’ Pub: $5.50/lb
Halifax Alehouse: $16.50/10 wings and a pitcher of Coors Light or Canadian
Jenny’s Place: $9/lb
Jungle Jim’s: $6/lb
Millstone Public House: $7/lb
Montes: $9.20/lb
Pilot’s Pub: $7.50/10 wings
Riverside Pub: $10/10wings
Seamus David’s: $7.50/lb
Ship Victory: $0.75/wing
Stubborn Goat: $15/lb and a pint or $22/2 lbs and a pint
The Butcher’s Block: $5/lb
The Dahlia: $8/7 wings
The Narrows Bistro: $5/lb

The Pint: $0.69/wing
Turtleback: $8/lb after 4:00 PM


Beaver Bank Station: $8/lb
Big Leagues: $0.70/wing
Boston Pizza (downtown): $0.69/wing
Colleen’s Pub: $9/lb
Clay West: $0.49/wing
Dave Doolittle’s: $0.75/wing
Freeman’s (Fairview and Sackville): $0.89/wing
Fry Daddy’s: $0.75/wing
HFX Sports Bar: 
HopYard: $7/lb
Hugo’s: $6/lb
Jacob’s Lounge: $0.70/wing
Jamieson’s Irish House & Grill: $8/lb
Jenny’s Place: $9/lb
Kai Brady’s Fancy Dive Bar: $5/lb
Lower Deck (Clayton Park): $7.50/10 wings
Oasis: $0.49/wing after 4:30 PM
Old Port Pub and Grill: $0.60/wing
Parkside Pub: $0.69/wing
Porters Lake Pub: $0.70/wing
Riverside Pub: $10/10wings
Seamus David’s: $7.50/lb
Ship Victory: $0.75/wing
Staggers: $0.50/wing
Station Six: $17/lb and a pitcher of Coors Light or Canadian
The Auction House: $7/lb
The Captain’s Boil: $0.70/wing
Timberlea Beverage Room: $0.60/wing
Whiskey’s: $0.50/wing
Your Father’s Moustache: $0.75/wing


Old Port Pub and Grill: $0.60/wing
Ship Victory: $0.75/wing


Halifax Alehouse: $16.50/10 wings and a pitcher of Coors Light or Canadian
Timberlea Beverage Room: $0.60/wing

*August 19th 2020 – all prices should be accurate.



  1. Fred

    Wing night at Upstreet is no more. They’ve changed so some sort of 3-5 happy hour.

    • HalifaxWingman

      Thanks for the heads up. The list has been updated.

  2. David Flatsndrums

    I can’t see Wednesday or Thursday list, is it just me?

    • HalifaxWingman

      Hey, thanks for the heads up. Something looks to be messed up with the mobile formatting, it’s kind of off to the right a bit with a dark background for some reason. Taking a look at it now.

      • HalifaxWingman

        There is some weird formatting thing going on there. Will have to dig in to it a bit more Wednesday evening.

  3. Scott

    Porters lake pub – Thursdays .70/wing

  4. Lisette Cormier

    Have you tried TurtleBack in Fall River? Wing night on Wednesday night, I think.

    • HalifaxWingman

      Haven’t been there yet but I just added them to the wing night list. Thanks.

  5. B

    Wingman, love the site and use it quite often! One slight improvement could be to add in start times/all day wing night if possible!

    Thanks for pulling this together!


    • HalifaxWingman

      Thanks! I am going to be updating the entire list over the next week or so and will include times. Great idea.

  6. GATE GUY rh.

    Wed at Bubba Ray’s Bayers rd. Great wings, great service, great price.

  7. Patrick

    Casino has $0.40/wing on Wed

  8. Frank

    Pretty sure wings are $0.75/wing at Doolittle’s now

    • HalifaxWingman

      Thanks. I will double check tonight and get that updated.


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