Wayward at Whiskey’s

Wayward at Whiskey’s

Review Date: Thursday, March 14, 2024
Wing Night: $0.60/wing Thursday

What I Liked

Well, I do enjoy a crispy exterior when it comes to wings, but these may have taken a plunge in the fryer for a bit longer than required as they were leaning towards the brittle side of things. 

What Could Be Better

A lot of the meat was dark and grungy looking, which was surprising for how small the wings were. 
There also wasn’t much meat to them but there were a couple decent chunks on the drums.

Would I Order These Again?

Exterior: 3/5

Overall Quality: 2/5

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Not the most appealing wings.

Other Mentions:

While the wings won’t be on the ordering list for my next visit, I have had many great nights at Whiskey’s, it’s a staple in the area.  I’ll be back for more fun for sure, and when the hunger strikes I’ll be checking out the menu for other potential snacks.

If you decide to visit on a Thursday night you might just get lucky and see Jesse Patrick make an appearance for the open mic, that guy is very talented and you’d be in for a treat.  Order some wings and let me know what you think, and stay for the music talent that Jesse will provide.

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