Wing Review Rating Scale

This is the new template and scoring system that will be used for Chicken Wing reviews going forward.

A rather simple design and scoring system that will allow me to pump out bite sized, yet informative reviews.

What I Liked:

Bite sized snippets of what I enjoyed about the wings.

What Could Be Better:

Bite sized snippets of what I think could be better/why points were lost.

Would I Order These Again?

Perhaps the most important part of the review.  A simple Yay or Nay shall suffice here.


Each review will be scored out of five points on two categroies, each with a 50% weight:

Exterior: 50%

This category may sound straightforward but the outer casing of a wing can potentially make or break the experience. Points won’t be lost for non-breaded.

Pros for crispiness and flavour, cons for rubbery or a breading so thick and dry you need a chisel to work your way through.

Pictured here is an example of a wing with a less than desirable exterior.

Overall Quality: 50%

The main event! There can be a few variables to this one.  A fresh tasting wing that is neither under or overcooked is a good start.  Feather free, a lack of broken bones and no sign of dark/grungy meat can indicate better quality as well. Sounds easy enough, but you’d be surprised.

Pictured here are some wings that could have been cooked a bit longer.  Hopefully I won’t be seeing this too often, but I’m just using this pic as a reference for wings that would have a low score in the Overall Quality category. 

Overall Rating: total out of 5

Other Mentions:

Other relevant details here such as sauce options, size, things that really stuck out to me, etc …

You’ll also be able to include what you would rate the wings for each review too, using this little fancy widget below.

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