Plenty of sauces at The Pint
August 8, 2021

The Pint Public House
1575 Argyle St, Halifax
902 405 7468
Review Date: Wed Jul 15 2021
Wing Night: $0.69/wing Wednesday

Quick Takes
Pros: 40 sauce options!
Cons: Overcooked and a tad dried out

If you’ve spent much time downtown, then chances are you’ve been through the doors of The Pint at some point.  It’s a great place to grab a drink and basket of wings on a Wednesday night, especially if you enjoy a delightful selection of sacues.

Exterior: 3/5

They had a crisp exterior but a just a bit too much, almost brittle like.  

Overall Quality: 3/5

These are your standard bar type wings, nothing really special about the overall quality, but something you know you’ll end up ordering again if you’re there on a wing night.  

On the positive side they were definitely cooked, but maybe a bit too long as they were a bit dried out.  

Size: 2/5

They varied in size a bit and were overall on the puny side of the scale.  The drums had a bit of a chunk of meat on one side, and the meat on the flats seemed like half a bite.


Overall Rating: 2.9/5
If you’re looking for a wing night based more around sauce selection and not overly concerned with the quality of the wings, you’ll enjoy these.

In my book these are your typical bar wing night wings, nothing too fancy but somewhere you know you’ll end up again for more.

Other mentions:
So this place has a lot more to offer than just wings.  The rooftop patio is awesome!  And when you’re done with that you can head on downstairs to the Pubcade (used to be Vinyl), with a great selection of pinball and arcade games.  One of my favorites is the little basketball game they have there, I love it.

If you’re down for wings and a basketball challenge some night, be sure to let me know!

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