Praiseworthy at Pizzatown
May 15, 2021

Pizzatown Sackville
225 Cobequid Rd, Lower Sackville
902 865 5555
Review Date: Wed Apr 22, 2021
Wing Night: $0.49/wing Wednesday and Thursday

Quick Takes
Pros: Unbreaded with a crisp exterior
Cons: If you’re looking for big wings, these aren’t for you

I’ve had my fair share of pizza from Pizzatown over the years, but never had a chance to try their Wing Night wings.

They have two wing offerings both coming in at $17/lb – the Jumbo Wings and PT Sport Wings, however they only have a deal on the Sport Wings.

Exterior: 5/5

I’ve had plenty of unbreaded wings during my time and tend to find they can lack a nice crisp to them, I know this first hand when making wings at home.

Well, Pizzatown knows what they are doing here! Unbreaded with an excellent crispy exterior, just the way an unbreaded wing should be. I would be very pleased if I was able get wings to turn out like this at home.




Overall Quality: 4/5

My theory that smaller wings generally equal better quality held up to that here. While these are small for sure, they lacked from any unwanted fatty pieces and had a great texture and taste to them. They were a tad dry though, probably since they are small and cook pretty quick.

Size: 2/5

These wings are on the smaller side of the scale for sure. The drums had a little chunk of meat at the end and the flats were pretty thin. I wouldn’t want to pay anymore than $0.49/wing for these.


Overall Rating: 4.2/5
If you’re looking for a feast of delicious wings at a reasonable price, then a Wing Night trip to Pizzatown should be on your list!

While they are $0.49/wing, you’re probably going to need at least 20 for a half decent feed.  Yes, they are small, but the quality and exterior crisp are worth it.  I would definitely go back for more.

Other mentions:
It was great to see a local beer available as well – Ol Biddy’s!  I’ve tried a couple of their beers and really enjoy them.

The sauce selection is pretty good here too.  Here’s what you’ll be deciding on:

Forty Creek BBQ
Sweet BBQ
Honey Garlic
Thai Sweet & Spicy
Sweet & Sour
Blue Cheese
Creamy Garlic
Cheddar Chipotle

If you go with sauce on the side, the sauce container is a good size.  But if you want extra sauce or want to try a couple different kinds, you’ll be looking at shelling out a buck fifty extra.

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