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February 25, 2021

Review Date: Thu Feb 25, 2021
Wing Night: $0.75/wing Wednesday

Quick Takes
Pros: Donair meat bits sprinkled on the exterior
Cons: Rubbery texture and some wings weren’t cooked as well as I would have liked

I first found out about Wingman902 (not affiliated with me) a few weeks back, and the wing pictures on Instagram he has cooking up looked amazing, so I of course I was looking forward to trying them.

From my understanding, the wings are cooked from home and then delivered to his customers, and this is all done via Instagram.  Once I found out he was doing a ‘pop-up’ at the HopYard, I was excited to head over and check them out.

The whole pop-up wing thing is a first for me, but I think it’s a super cool idea and it would be great to see this type of thing at places more often.  If someone is able to whip up batches of great wings from home it would be great for an opportunity to show them off on a larger scale.

So there are three different choices here – hot, lemon pepper or donair.  Yes, you read that right – donair wings!  How could you go wrong with that?  Well, here is my experience:

Exterior: 2/5

So the presentation is kind of cool, some sauce drizzled on and bits of donair meat scattered about.  The first look is unique, but that was short lived.  Once I started to dig in, the excitement came to an end.

The big issue here was the texture, the exterior was just thick, rubbery and unappealing.  I don’t think it would take too much to fix this up though.  Get these crisped up a bit and it could be a game changer.

Not the ideal wing texture.

Overall Quality: 3/5

The flavour was enjoyable and the donair meat had a bit of a kick to it, so that was great.  Also a bit heavy on the greasy side, but the donair meat probably contributed to that a bit.

I think some of these wings could have used a bit more cooking time as a couple were a little too pink for my liking.

Additional cooking time may have been required.

Size: 3/5

I feel these were standard on the wing size scale.  The drums weren’t super large which was great as they were free of any unwanted fatty pieces, and the flats were elongated, but not super meaty.


Overall Rating: 2.6/5
Although I walked in to this with high hopes, those fell short. The next time I’m at the Hopyard I’ll give their house wings a go.

Did I enjoy these wings?  Well, it’s yes and no.  That exterior was really disappointing, but the flavour was there.  Get these bad boys nice and crispy and we could have a game changer, there is a lot of potential here.

I generally feel bad when places end up with low review scores.  If you know me or read many of my reviews on my old site or the new one, I hope you know one thing – I keep things honest.  I’ll admit that I was walking in to this really thinking a great review would follow; someone with a passion for pumping out some great wings from home and gets to showcase them at a restaurant, that’s a great opportunity.  I feel this is one of those reviews that I may get some shit for as a lot of people really enjoy these wings, but this review was based on my experience, opinions, and pictures.

So out of 10 reviews on the new site so far (the old site had 100 reviews, and scores lower than this), these wings have the lowest rating.  I don’t feel good about this as I want to support this guy, but here we are.

Other mentions:

Other people in our group stuck with the house wings the HopYard does for their wing night, here is what these look like:

I’m not sure if this pop-up was just a one shot deal or a weekly type thing, so if you’re looking for these wings I’d suggest to contact the Wingman902 on his Instagram, or contact the HopYard to double check.

There is a lot of potential here and I would like to try these again a few months down the road perhaps, and hopefully we’ll see a nice crisp exterior and thoroughly cooked wings then.

But in the meantime this whole experience has left me with a very positive idea to try the next time I do up a batch of wings; I will be frying up some fresh maple bacon, chop that up and then sprinkle sparingly on the wings a few minutes before they are done.  Pictures to follow!

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