No Name Buffalo Wings
February 4, 2021

No Name – Buffalo wings
Review Date: Sunday January 24th, 2021
$10 for a box 

Quick Takes
Pros: The price point is good.
Cons: The meat was a bit ‘squishy’ on the drums

I had a craving for some wings while picking up some groceries and ended up with the No Name Buffalo wings.  They were on for ten bucks and I didn’t have high expectations, but they actually weren’t too bad.

The box shows the weight as 908 grams, but 213 grams of that is sauce.  I still ended up with 14 wings.

Exterior: 4/5

Non breaded but still  managed to get them fairly crispy, thanks to the air fryer. 

Overall Quality: 3/5

I didn’t have high expectations for these wings, but the meat on the flats was pretty good.  

I found the meat was fatty and squishy like on most of the drums, and I did run in to a broken bone.

They were also heavy on the greasy side.

Size: 3/5

Not huge, but overall a decent size.  Some of the drums were a good size, but really fatty.  The flats did contain a good amount of meat.


Overall Rating: 3.4/5
These turned out better than I thought.  While these wouldn’t be my first pick for a fox of frozen wings, they’ll do in a pinch. 

** Feb 7/21 – Rating scale was updated to add a weight percentage to each category after this review was posted.

Exterior: 40%
Overall Quality: 50%
Size: 10%

The Overall Rating score has been updated to reflect this.


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