Marvelous Quality at Millstone Public House
February 4, 2021

Millstone Public House
102 King’s Wharf Place, Dartmouth
902 404 8053 (King’s Wharf)
Review Date: Wed Jan 27th, 2021
Wing Night: $7.50/lb

Quick Takes
Pros: Great quality meat
Cons: They default to sauce on so they weren’t crispy at all

I’ve heard a lot about Millstone’s recently and was glad to see they have a shiny new space where the Il Trullo once stood at King’s Wharf, so I decided a visit was in order and made sure that fell on a Wing Night of course.  Wings will run you $7.50/lb on Wednesday nights.


Exterior: 3/5

The wings come with sauce on by default which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but they were lacking on crispiness.  I love a wing with a good crisp to it! 

Next time around I’ll be sure to ask for sauce on the side and hope to get that delicious crispy exterior.

Overall Quality: 5/5

This was the star of the show!  Great tasting chicken that was free from any of those fatty chunks you can get on the drums sometimes.

Size: 3/5

These were fairly average in size, however some of the flats didn’t contain a ton of meat on them.


Overall Rating: 4/5
I am a fan of these wings for sure based on the quality alone, and I will be going back soon to see if sauce on the side may be the answer to my crispiness craving!

Sauce selection: Your choices include BBQ, Honey Garlic, Buffalo, Maple Bacon, Sweet Chili, Hot, Medium or Mild.

Other mentions:
Top notch service!  We sat at the bar and were lucky to be served by Nick.  He was super busy but didn’t seem phased at all.

Really nice location and they have a few nook type little areas to sit in, which is pretty cool.

This will also be a great spot during the warmer months as they have a nice patio overlooking the water.

** Feb 7/21 – Rating scale was updated to add a weight percentage to each category after this review was posted.

Exterior: 40%
Overall Quality: 50%
Size: 10%

The Overall Rating score has been updated to reflect this.


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