Extraordinaire at Eli’s Pizzeria!

October 25, 2020

Eli’s Pizzeria
47 Cranberry Crescent, Dartmouth
902 494 4444
Review Date: Thu Oct 15, 2020
Wing Price: $11.99/10 wings

Quick Takes
Pros: Top notch quality with an excellent variety of dry rubs and sauces.
Cons: I really wish they had multiple locations  Also, the wings are so good I may start spending too much money here.

I’ve heard the name Eli’s pop up in wing conversations multiple times over the years, but for some reason I’ve never ventured out that way.  Well, I am very happy to report that has changed!

Eli’s Pizzeria is a small spot located off the beaten path, with some big quality wings.  A little hidden gem actually.

You’ll be shelling out $12 for 10 wings, and there is no wing night.  While that price is still decent, it may not look appealing to some, but these wings are worth it!

You get to choose between breaded or not, dry rub and then sauce.  There are 16 dry rubs PLUS 16 sauces to choose from.  They have a nice big sign above the counter with the required steps to place a successful wing order, I didn’t manage to get a pic of that, but it’s basically a bigger version of this, and it’s a great little system:

As you may have noticed, ‘King Of The Wings’ is at the top, and they certainly deserve that crown.

Exterior: 5/5

Nice and crispy with a dry rub enhancer, damn these were delicious!

Usually when you get a dry rub on wings at most places, there’s just a little sprinkle, but that’s not the case here.  The dry rub stuck to them very well, I suspect there must be a technique to this that I have not yet discovered.

Overall Quality: 5/5

Great taste, cooked to perfection and free from any fatty pieces, which is surprising based on the size of some of the drums.  

Size: 5/5

Both the flats and drums were very meaty.

Overall Rating: 5/5
The wing game is very strong here, and they totally deserve a rare 5/5 on the rating scale!  So if you enjoy excellent wings with a ton of dry rub and sauce varieties, this is the place for you.

Other mentions:
If you plan on going for a visit yourself just keep in mind this is a take-out and delivery place, meaning there is nowhere to grab a seat and eat them on the spot.

I drove home after we received the wings and was a bit worried about the integrity of the crispiness after resting on a tinfoil bed in a styrofoam container, but they faired very well..

After my initial visit I went back a few days later to check out some of the other flavour options.  I think the original dry rub is still my favorite (middle batch on the right side).  I really wanted to try the Mango Habanero, but sadly they were out both times I went, I guess that one goes quick and gives me another excuse to go back.

I’m not too sure what the delivery radius on this place is, but I’ll confirm that and get this updated once I find out.

Also, since this is technically a Pizzeria, has anyone had the pizza here?

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