Hyped Up at Hugo’s

October 3, 2020

Hugo’s Bar & Grill
451 Windmill Rd. Dartmouth
902 466 8222
Review Date: Thu Oct 1, 2020
Wing Night: $0.50/wing Thursday

Quick Takes
Pros: An exterior crisped to perfection
Cons: I believe the fryer could have used an oil change

“Best wings in Dartmouth!”

“Award winning wings!”

Now those are a couple of powerful statements that peak interest, so of course I had to go and check out the hype for myself.

Hugo’s is a Bar & Grill on the Dartmouth side and they did win first place at the lackluster Wing Fest that was held at Alderny Landing back in 2018, but with only two other competitors, the worse they could have got was third if my math is correct.

My buddy Frank and I arrived Thursday evening and for a cheap wing night, there was only one other table with people occupying it.  This could be a bad sign.

The first thing that jumped out at us is just how dirty this place looked and felt.  I am generally pretty easy going with this type of thing, but this was something else.  While out and about at other establishments over the last couple of months I have noticed a few places did some small renos and spruced things up, this place is not one of them.  We debated on just leaving due to this alone, but we grabbed a table and decided to stick it out.

Exterior: 4/5

If you enjoy a dusted wing that has an exterior crisped to perfection, these wings are for you!

It was just unfortunate that there was an overwhelming taste of just grease when ripping off some bite size chunks to start with.

I’m not sure if the fryer was over due for a an oil change, but I don’t think it would take much to fix this.

Overall Quality: 4/5

Even though the exterior tasted like grease, the actual meat was grease free.  The texture was just the way it should be and they actually had a decent taste to them.

The only point lost here would be for the presence of some darker/grungy looking meat that was found in most of the wings.

Size: 3/5

Barely a three out of five.  Some of the flats were bigger than the drums which you don’t see too often, but I’m OK with that.


Overall Rating: 3.9/5
So do I think these are the best wings in Dartmouth?  No, but that is just my opinion of course.

The actual wings were pretty decent, but I think just a little more TLC could make these things shine.

Other mentions:
There is a great sauce selection on their site but when we asked about the sauces they only had mild, medium, hot and honey garlic, so that was disappointing.  Everyone loves a great selection of sauces!

There was only one person working, which is odd to see for a hyped up wing night.  He did the best he could but I bet he would have enjoyed having someone else to help him out.  Also, the pitchers of beer are filled to capacity, which was great to see.

On the plus side it was nice to see a couple of pool tables with free pool, and they have one of those TouchTunes jukeboxes!  I love being able to throw on a few songs just by using the app on my phone, being able to control the music made the overall experience better, music makes everything better doesn’t it?  

This isn’t a place that I would frequent but I would go back.  Based on the state of the establishment I get the impression they just kind of stopped caring, which is unfortunate.  I don’t think it would take much to throw in a few bucks, clean the place up a bit and turn up the volume for wing night!

It seems a lot of places have signs promoting the best this or that in the city.  But how can so many different places all claim to have the best item?

Maybe all the places that claim they have the best wings around should actually get together for a little friendly competition to sort this all out and settle it once and for all! I don’t think it could turn out worse than the Wing Fest of 2018.  I would love to be on the panel of judges for something like that.

** Feb 7/21 – Rating scale was updated to add a weight percentage to each category after this review was posted.

Exterior: 40%
Overall Quality: 50%
Size: 10%

The Overall Rating score has been updated to reflect this.


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