Palatable President’s Choice Dry-Rubbed and Hardwood-Smoked!

September 27, 2020

President’s Choice


Review Date: Tue Sep 22, 2020
Price: $13/box

Quick Takes
Pros: Packed with flavour
Cons: A fair amount of tiny wings included in the box

It’s always nice to have box of frozen wings stowed safely in the freezer for when you get a wing craving but don’t feel like venturing out.  I make sure to push my cart a little slower when I roll by the frozen wing section in a grocery store, looking for new kinds, flavours or a decent sale.

The Superstore has a great variety of frozen wings to choose from, these are high up on my list. 

A box of frozen wings will generally run  you around $13/box, but that price can fluctuate a lot.

Exterior: 4/5

Non-breaded which I am totally fine with, actually I am really starting to enjoy non-breaded wings a lot, as long as they are done right.

I used parchement paper and followed the cooking instructions on the box, but they didn’t really turn out quite as crispy as I would have liked.  I would have kept them in the oven a bit longer but didn’t want to dry them out.


Overall Quality: 4/5

The flavour was the star of the show here.  You could really taste that smokiness, not sure if they are really smoked or if the flavour was just added in, but either way, they tasted great.

There were some darker unpleasant looking spots on the drums but overall they were fine.


Size: 3/5

There was a bit of a variety with the size of the wings ranging from pretty tiny to average.  Most of them were just barely worthy of a 3 though.  Not super meaty either.



Overall Rating: 3.9/5
For a box of frozen wings, you really can’t go wrong with these.

Other mentions:
A packet of Maple Barbeque sauce is included in the the box, however I didn’t end up using any of it.  You won’t need sauce with these flavourful wings.

Do you have a favourite brand/kind of frozen wings?  If so, I’d love to hear about it!

** Feb 7/21 – Rating scale was updated to add a weight percentage to each category after this review was posted.

Exterior: 40%
Overall Quality: 50%
Size: 10%

The Overall Rating score has been updated to reflect this.

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