Amazing at the Alehouse!
September 16, 2020

Halifax Alehouse
1717 Brunswick St, Halifax
902 423 6113
Wing Night: $16.50/10 wings and a pitcher of beer Mon, Wed and Sat
Review Date: Mon Sep 14 2020

Quick Takes
Pros: Crispy breading and great tasting chicken
Cons: The drums are a bit fatty due to the size

If you’ve been following along with my wing adventures for a bit then you probably know I have had plyenty of wings at this place over the years, and they are still my go-to wing spot in Halifax.

I ended up at the Alehouse early Monday evening and it wasn’t too busy, but the aroma of wings was in the air.  They have a pretty good deal three nights a week if you enjoy great wings and beer – $16.50/10 wings and a pitcher of Canadian or Coors Light every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Gotta love three wing nights a week with quality wings like these!

 Exterior: 5/5

Each wing is hugged by a beautiful coat of crisp breading that you can rip off in bite size slabs and then dunk in the sauce.

I am a a sauce on the side type of person to keep the integrity of the crispiness, and this a great example why.  I find the exterior can get a bit soggy with sauce on.

If you enjoy crispy breaded wings, these are for you!


Overall Quality: 4/5

The wings were cooked for just the right amount of time and the meat had a great taste to it.  However due to the size of the drums, some fatty content was present.


Size: 5/5

Large and meaty, even the flats.    

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

This is definitely a popular wing spot, and for great reasons. I am a huge fan of the wings at the Alehouse, and many more wing adventures await me here.

If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet and you enjoy delicious breaded wings, I would highly recommend this place.

Other mentions:
It would be nice to see a unique sauce or two in addition to the standard wing sauces they offer, and some dry rub options would really compliment the excellent breading.

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