Pleasant at Parkside Pub
September 11, 2020

Parkside Pub and Smokehouse
14 Highfield Park Dr. Dartmouth
902 464 1310

Review Date: Thu Sep 10, 2020
Wing Night: $0.69/wing Thursday

Quick Takes
Pros: Crispy and a few unique sauces
Cons: Some of the meat was a bit grungy

If you’ve spent much time in Dartmouth, then you’ve probably ended up at the Parkside at some point.  It’s a staple in the Highfield area.  My wing adventures began here about ten years ago with my buddy Frank, and after many wing nights here we decided to venture somewhere new to compare the wings, and the Wingman was born!  So it seemed fitting to do the first review on the new site here.

I stopped by on a Thursday (September 10th) around 6:00 PM and it was already quite busy. Wings are on for $0.69/wing and they were on every table within viewing distance, this is nice to see when going out on a wing night. They also serve smoked wings, however those are not included in the wing night deal.

Exterior: 4/5

Dusted/lightly breaded and on the crispy side.  

Overall Quality: 4/5

The actual meat of the wing had a decent taste to it, they were cooked well and were basically grease free.  But some of the wings had a bit of dark grungy looking meat.  

Size: 4/5

Both the flats and drums were a pretty good size, but not super meaty.


Overall Rating: 4/5
Overall I was impressed with these wings, while not the best I have had but there is certainly a lot worse out there. 

Other mentions:
One thing that I was very happy to see was the sauce selection.  You have your standard sauces such as mild, medium, hot, suicide and honey garlic however there are a few that peaked my interest – Cajun, Chipotle, Sweet Memphis, Tangy Carolina and Jack Daniels. I went with the Cajun and Tangy Carolina on the side, and they were both delicious!  I will be sure to try some of the others on my next visit. 

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