Sunday, August 20, 2017

Time for a new Rating Scale

During the early stages I had to come up with some sort of process to rate wings and here is what I have been using for a while now:

1. Breading - This can make or break the wing experience.  Too crispy, overcooked, under-cooked, not enough ... you never know.  Breading with some noticeable flavor or spice is a great way to start a wing.

2. Overall quality - Maybe the wings are huge and have a delicious crispy breading, but if they are super greasy, slimy, under-cooked/overcooked, contain feathers or have a freezer burnt like taste to them, then size or breading really doesn't matter at this point.

3. Sauce selection - Variety is the spice of life.  It's good to know if you go back to the same place for wings that you can switch it up a bit.  Having to select between two different kinds of sauces can get old pretty quick.
This category is purely based on the number of sauces offered and is calculated as follows:

1 - 3 sauces = 1
4 - 6 sauces = 2
7 - 10 sauces = 3
11 - 14 sauces = 4
15 + sauces = 5

4. Service - Always important.  You might find a place with amazing wings, but if the service is horrible you probably won't want to go back anytime soon.

5. Size - Yes, it matters (or does it?).  The larger the wing the higher the rating will be.

This isn't a flawless rating scale by any means, as somewhere with a lot of sauces and low quality wings could still score fairly high, so I am looking on switching it up a bit or maybe weighing some categories higher than others.

Please let me know what you would like to see for a new rating scale and I'll figure something out soon, get this cleaned up and get some new reviews up.