Monday, March 14, 2016

Superb at St. Louis Bar and Grill

902 466 6112
Wing Night: Tuesday - $6.50/pound
Regular Price: $12.99/pound
Review Date: Tue Feb 23
Rating: 4.5/5

Thanks to a timely heads up from @HalifaxRetales, a new and highly anticipated addition to Metro’s culinary populace brought with it high hopes upon my inaugural visit. And it was well worth the wait.

St. Louis Bar and Grill opened February 23rd and if you haven’t been there by now, I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  They set up shop right off the Circ on Portland St. in Dartmouth.  The strip mall is long gone but it’s nice to see the area starting to build up again.

Upon entering, the first thing I noticed was the upscale feel and ambiance with a nice selection of TVs . Every seat seems to have a great view (but I have yet to take a seat in every spot to confirm this). 

There are some intriguing and delectable options on the menu such as the bacon wrapped mac n’ cheese, however I tried not to get sidetracked and began focusing on the main section of the menu – Wings!  A pound will set you back $12.99 unless you head over on a Tuesday after 4:00 PM, then you’ll be in luck with half price wings ($6.50/pound is a pretty good deal for a wing night).  Bonus free fries accompany each wing order, and just like the wings, these were a step up than what I am used to.  

Breading: n/a – Breading is not an option so this category will not be rated.

Overall Quality: 4/5 – I have seen some good looking wings in my time only to be disappointed with the actual quality which is always frustrating however, the opposite proved to be true here. 

I was slightly skeptical about the wings initial presentation.  I hate to say it but they looked overdone and I would have bet any money they would be a tad dried up.  Needless to say, I am glad I didn’t place any bets on that one or I would have been out a few bucks.
St. Louis wings and fries
I tore off a piece of the crispy exterior shell to dunk in the sauce and then proceeded to bite in to some of the best tasting wings I have ever experienced. These wings were bursting with flavor!  In stark contrast to their initial presentation, the wings were moist, fresh and just incredible overall.  The only deduction here is due to some darker meat which I was surprised to see, but this was simply cosmetic as it didn’t interfere with the flavor.
Sprinkled with Frank's Red Hot dry
Sauce Selection: 5/5 – I try my best to place my order in a reasonable amount of time but I always seem to have a bit of difficulty when presented with a large sauce selection.  I already know I want wings but when I am presented with such a variety, the process of elimination can prove to be daunting.

There are 22 wet sauces and 4 dry to choose from, plus you get a little dipping container of their famous Garlic Dill sauce with each wing order, so that brings the grand total up to 27 options.

There are some unique flavors listed such as Mississippi Honey BBQ and Maple Vindaloo, but if you’re like me I perk up when I see a few dry spices to choose from.  I went with the Franks Red Hot dry and Maple Vindaloo on the side.  The Frank's dry is like magic dust and I would highly recommend it.

The Garlic Dill sauce is unique and delicious, I’d much prefer to see this than the standard ranch or blue cheese that you’d normally find at a lot of places.

Service: 5/5 – If the rating scale had an option for bonus points, this category would be a 6/5, but that was never incorporated so 5/5 will have to suffice.

This review occurred when the place was packed and we waited approximately 20 minutes for a table, and every minute was totally worth it.  I expected things to take a bit longer than what they might if it wasn’t packed which is normal, however they had plenty of efficient staff on hand to make for a very enjoyable experience.

Every single person I interacted with was very pleasant however our server Ashley definitely added to the overall experience.  She was very personable, genuine and natural.  Based on how busy the place was I would have expected people to be a bit on edge but that was not the case here.

Orders were taken and everything arrived in a timely fashion.  She came back to see how things were going, drink refills were offered and happily accepted.  Service doesn’t get any better than this.

Size: 4/5 – There was plenty of meat on the wings and thankfully they were free of any fatty type pieces to them.
Meaty un-breaded wings
Overall Rating: 4.5/5 - this score officially puts St. Louis at the top of the list for the best wings in Dartmouth!

I was definitely impressed with the wings here and so far it’s my new Tuesday night wing destination.  I just might have to force myself to visit on a different day of the week too, the ribs are next on my hit list.

So, this wraps up the 98th review. 
I have really been slacking with new reviews over the last little while however the next two should be complete within a month, and then it’s time for a possible 100th wing review party somewhere if anyone would be interested and also an updated scoring system for the next 100. 

As always, please let me know of any new places I need to check out or if any Wing Night prices need to be updated.  Thanks!


  1. Just was ther elast week on wing night and they were great. I got the Double Trouble which came with boneless wings as well. Those were also very delicious. Recommend it to anyone.

  2. If you think st louis is better than wing n it you need your tastebuds checked

    1. I would take St. Louis over Wing'N It any day. Maybe they changed recently but I wasn't a fan the couple of times I tried the wings there.

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