Monday, July 13, 2015

Mangled at Maxwell's

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Wing Night: Wednesday - $4.99 for 9 or $8.99 for 25
Regular Price: $8.95 for 9 or $16.95 for $25
Review Date: June 29th, 2015
Rating: 1/5


Those were the sounds of the good ol days at Maxwell’s, walking in and finding your way to a table with peanut shells coating the floor.  We would make sure to stock up on these peanuts at the bar before taking a seat and ordering the double hamburger with fries for $0.88, the purchase of a $1.89 Plum Pale Ale was also required of course.  

This was normal and expected at that time, crack open the peanuts and shove the shells to their new found home on the floor, this place was probably a nightmare for anyone with allergies to these tasty treats.  I imagine they went through quite a few brooms back then as well. 

Needless to say there were good memories made at this place but enough reminiscing.  After taking a walk by the other evening with my hunger scale on the high side I figured it was time to take another visit and check out the wings.

The menu lists 9 ‘pieces’ for $8.95 or 25 for $16.95.  Pieces?  I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into but I was assured the wings were good and popular on wing night which is Wednesday.  If you’re brave enough to order them wing night prices are $4.99 for 9 or $8.99 for 25. 

I took a seat at the bar, ordered a personal sized pitcher and proceeded with my order.  I will be sure to never make this mistake again. 
You may need a few of these to wash the wings down
Breading: n/a – No breaded wings here so this category will not be rated.

Overall Quality: 0/5 – I believe this is the second time ever that this category has not earned a point.  I look for the positive side in everything but I couldn’t seem to find much here. 
To start with, look at these wings!  I was in shock.  I don’t mind non-split wings so that wasn’t a problem but they just look bad from the get go.  I understood why they label them as pieces in the menu now, some of these things don’t really resemble a wing. 
Not overly appealing
It doesn’t take a self-proclaimed wing connoisseur to determine they look quite dried out but while staring in disbelief and thinking about this situation I knew I had to take a bite eventually.  They may not be appealing to look at but maybe these will be the best tasting things ever!  Well, that was short lived, I took a bite and almost spit it out.

The chicken did not have a very pleasant flavor to say the least, it was actually quite horrible.  Well they can’t all be that bad so I grabbed wing number two.  That wasn’t any better so that’s all I had. 

Sauce Selection: 1/5 – Hot or Honey Garlic are your options.  I went with the hot but that didn’t even mask the taste.  I did have sauce on the side as I always do but I’m not even sure if there would be any improvement if they were coated in sauce.  On the positive side of things they sauce dish was a pretty good size.

Service: 2/5 – I arrived around 7:20 on a Monday so the place wasn’t busy at all but most things seemed to take a bit longer than they should have.  

I was provided a menu fairly quickly and the drink followed shortly thereafter.  I took a quick look at the menu, closed it and placed it aside but it seemed to take a bit before my order was placed.  The wings eventually arrived, I tried two and pushed the plate of side.  They sat there for quite some time before anyone came over.  

Once the server came over to check on me she asked how they were and I was honest.  She was cool and there was no charge for the wings on my bill thankfully.  I would have liked to have stayed for another beer but decided that wasn’t a good idea and promptly evacuated. 

Size: 1/5 – This category earns a point because there was meat on the pieces.  Not much, but there was some there. 
Not even sure what to say here
Overall rating:  1/5 (4 points earned over 4 categories rated)

Well, I am glad that experience is over.  It’s unfortunate that this one didn’t fall in to the good memory category but you can’t win em all. 

Perhaps this was an off night, their supplier changed, someone grabbed the soup stock instead of the right pieces, I don’t know what happened but I really hope this isn’t the same wing experience everyone has here. 

I do have so say that Maxwell’s does have some excellent specials (food and drink) every day of the week.  Where else can you find a pound of mussels for $2.99 on a Sunday or $24.99 for 80 oz. of different draught selections every night of the week? 

Now I’m curious.  Have you had the wings at Maxwell’s lately?  If so, how did you like them?  There must be some Maxwell’s wing fans out there and I’d love to hear from you.  I’m sure I’ll be back to Maxwell’s someday down the road, but next time I’ll be sure to stick with the drink menu.  


  1. I had a very similar experience at Maxwells, and to tell you the truth it actually turned me off wings for almost a year. I sent my first order back and the replacement order was worse.

    Any restaurant or bar that serves wings and has a wing night should be ashamed to plate a product of this quality. Just take them off the menu.

    1. Wow, it wouldn't take much to find better wings, that's for sure.

      I was thinking that too, how can they be proud to serve those wings. It's probably best for everyone if they disappeared off the menu.

  2. I stopped going to Maxwell's after an awful experience sometime around 2004 or so. I've only been back a couple of times since and have never been very impressed by their service, although the more recent visits were far better than the one that made me stop going. Overall, I avoid the place as much as I can an only go when required.

  3. Its really sad.... these guys used to have a wing night that was 0.50$ a wing. usual base sauce hot, med, mild, hg. The wings were fkn MASSIVE so juicy and fresh the sauces were vibrant. They were glorious! I would swear some of them were pushing 0.25oz per wing.

    A long while back though(9+yrs) when their entire menu went from good food to cheap barely good enough for an iron age dungeon - thats when the wings went to crap. It was about the same time as the peanuts came out of the place as well.

    I dont know if it was new owner/management that just wanted it to be a slosh pit. I feel very sad walking by that place seeing people eating food that was probably heated up from a frozen bag/box. Its a place I will never visit again.

    RIP Maxwells... If you didnt have beer youd be shutdown.

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  5. I went to Maxwell's about a year ago for wing night. Not only were the wings flavorless, they were doused in honey garlic sauce. I got extra napkins so I could wipe off each wing.

  6. I lived in Halifax 83-93 ..I thought these were the best wings ever.. hot and vinigery.. either they lost the recipe or had a bad day .. try again

  7. Their buffalo dry rub is top notch. Small wings but i found their chicken tasty!