Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tuned in at Tempo

902 428 3676
1875 Barrington St, Halifax
Wing Night: n/a
Regular Price: $18/pound
Review Date: February 2nd, 2015
Rating: 4.2/5

Things I dislike – winter storms and traffic.  Things I like – wings and beer.  So after 30 minutes of waiting for a bus on Monday after work I decided to make my own snow plan and took a slippery stroll to Tempo to enjoy a beverage and some food while traffic was dying down.
My Snow Plan
My last visit was in July and at that time I was not impressed with the wings at all (here is the original review), so I had no intention of ordering wings on this visit.  As I sat down I noticed the menu had changed and the bartender let me know that the wings were different now and that they are really good.  “Sure they are” I thought to myself.  He told me they have changed since July and are completely different now.  I really wanted to try them however at $18/pound I was having a hard time talking myself into it.

I noticed a gentleman at the bar looking at the menu as well and we began to talk and of course wings came up.  I was mentioning how the wings used to be terrible, heard they are different now but was having a hard time wanting to spend the $18, that’s when he said to the bartender to put an order on his tab.  That’s not what I was looking for by any means and told him not to worry about it, if I decided to get them I will happily pay, but he insisted.  Come to find out after the fact this gentleman is the Director of Operations, I had no idea he even worked there (and to be clear this review has nothing to do with the fact that this occurred).  Either way, if it wasn’t for this happening I may never have tried them.

Anyway, back to the wings.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect however as soon as the plate hit the table my jaw dropped, these looked incredible!
Love the presentation
Breading: 5/5 – A fairly dark but full coating of breading hugged each wing and had an excellent crispiness factor to it, couldn’t ask for much more.
Beautiful wings
Overall quality: 5/5 – I was incredibly impressed with the overall quality and taste of the chicken, it was cooked to perfection and had such an incredible fresh taste to it.  I may have even drooled a little after the first couple of bites.  There was nothing that could have improved the flavor of this chicken.

Sauce Selection: 1/5 – The only negative side to this is they scaled back on the sauces to mild, medium and hot.  The more unique/creative choices they previously offered were much better.  The only reason I ended up at Tempo for the first review was to try the Drunken Sriracha sauce, that would be nice to see as an option again.

Service: 5/5 – From the moment I sat down until I got up to leave, the service was incredible.  The bartender was knowledgeable and attentive.  Refills were offered and he genuinely seemed happy being at work.  Just like my last visit the service couldn’t have been any better but I was not served by the same person, I think this really says something about the people that work there. 

Size: 5/5 – No complaints in this department.  The wings were huge and even the flatties were nice and plump with a lot of meat on them. 
Overall Rating: 4.2/5

$18 is still a hefty cost for a plate of wings even when they are this delicious, it’s too bad they weren’t just a bit cheaper.  I still can’t believe how different the wings are now compared to just a few months ago, and if it wasn’t for that damn storm it’s hard to say when I would have ever took another visit in and ordered the wings.  I guess there is a positive side to everything.   

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  1. It is nice to hear that the wings got better, and honestly the texture looks amazing! I am drooling to have these right now. I will be sure to try them in the near future.