Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Countdown Is On ...

Well, after posting the 90th review that means a milestone that I never really expected is quickly approaching, ten more to go until the 100th overall review is complete! 

I was never really sure how far all this would go when it first started but thought it would be interesting to keep track of all the wings I’ve consumed while giving each one a rating, part of this reasoning was to help me remember where the good places were.

Here’s a little look at the past, present and future for those that are interested.


This all began about four and a half years ago when we used to go out for wings at the same spot week in and week out, it was always a great time hanging out with friends, having a few beverages and a feed of wings, going out and doing this was always something I looked forward to, and I still very much do.

After straying from our regular wing spot and venturing to a new location one week I was shocked at the difference in the actual quality of the wings.  I was disappointed that I had spent so many evenings at the regular spot eating mediocre wings when the wings at this place were so much better.  I was unable to turn back time but I realized something had to be done about this, that’s when HalifaxWingman was created.

The first few reviews contained a little write up and an overall rating based on the wings.  I quickly realized that wasn’t going to cut it, I needed to have a few categories that I felt were important to clearly distinguish a rating for the wings at each place, that’s when the BOSSS scale was conceived.

Overall Quality
Sauce Selection

I felt the five categories should give a pretty good idea of an overall total score for the wings, so that is what I have stuck with for a while now.  I will admit there were times I had wings and didn’t feel the scale was fair, but there had to be consistency with the overall rating. 

I also realized I had to keep track of when the wing specials are, so the Daily Wing Specials list was created.  I do my best to keep it up to date and I’m always happy to hear from anyone that visits one of the spots and lets me know the prices have changed. 

Needless to say there have been a lot of wings consumed, ratings fluctuating from one end of the scale to the other.  Here’s a little look back at some of the more interesting/memorable reviews:

Best Wings Ever:
Pogue Fado - the only 5/5 rating that has ever been rewarded.  I have no idea how many pounds of wings I’ve put back at this place but I do know I still miss it a lot, RIP Pogue.

Currently tied for first place – both sitting on a 4.6/5:
Halifax Alehouse - I love this place and go back quite a bit, the wings are always delicious
Bubba Ray’s Too - the newest addition to the Bubba Ray’s family taking over the old Red Fox location, great wings and a ton of sauces to choose from

Some of the worst wings I’ve ever been served, earning a whooping half a point:
Porters – not a good wing experience at all.

Being offered to go try some wings on the house and they end up not being so good, I feel horrible when that happens, however I try to be as diplomatic as possible, East Side Mario’s is an example of that.

Great wings can be found in Dartmouth too, Pilot’s Pub and the Perfect Pour are a must try.

Speaking of Dartmouth, does anyone remember Wing Dings?  That place was awesome.  I was sad to see them go however I had big hopes for the new occupants of the same space, Wing N It, but my hopes were diminished after trying the wings there twice.  They currently claim to have the best wings in town, who signs off on these things anyway? 

One of my more frequented spots recently has been HFX Sports Bar.  I’ve had more than my fair share of wings there and never had a bad experience, the new sauce lineup is also a must try (Habanero Lime rub with Sriracha Honey Butter on the side). 

Anyway, back to where we are now, the countdown is on - ten more reviews until the big one double zero.  I have an idea of the next few places I want to visit and I’m also open for suggestions of course.  One thing I do know for sure is that a celebration will be in order once that review is complete.  

Everyone has an opinion or story when it comes to wings – how they like them, breaded or not, sauce on or on the side, where the best/worst places are, sauce flavors, dry rub, everyone has a story of a buddy of how many he ate or how hot the sauce was someone consumed and sometimes there are even bets involved with all this, it never gets old and it’s always a good time. 

I’ve interacted with many people over the years to discuss just that – chicken wings.  It sounds crazy when I actually read that part back it’s all true, that’s the funny part.

So the plan is for an open invite to anyone that would be interested in meeting up for an evening of delicious wings and beverages, a Halifax Wingman Tweetup event of sorts.  All I know at this point is that it will be on a Saturday within the next couple of months somewhere downtown Halifax with delicious wings.  Once I know more I’ll do a separate post with the details to see how many people may be interested.


So when does one throw in the towel?   This is a question that has crossed my mind recently and wasn’t too sure if I should keep this going or not.  However I still have a love for wings and I’m still going to be checking out as many places as possible, so why stop now?

For anyone that has ever used this site as a wing resource are there things on here you like/don’t like? 

Changes you would like to see or any suggestions? 

Should the rating scale remain the same or is it time to change it up a bit? 

I’m curious to know what you think so please let me know.

So the countdown has begun, stay tuned for the next few reviews, keep the suggestions/price updates coming and hopefully I’ll see you out for the 100th wing review celebration real soon!


  1. Hi Wingman, my friends and I love your site, we use it as a resource for our wing nites. We like you used to frequent the pogue then moved to bubba's, but when that got old we found your site and we have been hitting all the good spots. Thanks! The one suggestion I would make is trying to update the daily specials from time to time, as many of the places change their deals. As one of the last 10 to review, I propose Niche on Barrington, they have wings. Thanks again!

  2. You did update the daily specials, My Bad! Thanks.

    1. Hey, thanks a lot. The Daily Wing Specials is a tough one to keep up to date on for sure, I need to contact every place on the list again very soon and also add some other spots to it as well (started a little change log at the bottom a bit ago). I will check out Niche for sure, thanks for the info.

  3. I got serious craving after watching this post. Wings look super delicious and juicy. Perfectly cooked the way I kike it not too dry nor too gold. Will surely gonna try them on this weekend .