Saturday, September 20, 2014

Big and Bold at Bubba Ray's Too
902 406 1234
7071 Bayers Rd, Halifax
Wing Night: Thursday - $0.49/wing
Regular Price: $11.99/pound
Review Date: September 20th, 2014
Rating: 4.6/5

I’ve been to Bubba Ray’s many times in the past and the Spring Garden location was actually my third review (October 2010), which was before I introduced the rating scale.  I’ve wanted to go back and do another review and decided to go to Bubba Ray’s Too to do just that.  

Bubba Ray’s is an excellent spot for sports, beer and wings, all a great combination, and they are serious with their wings.  They have six different types of wings to choose from – University, Original (non-breaded), Mega, Hot N Spicy, Gluten Free and Boneless.  Half pounds range from $5.99 - $6.99 and a full pound will run you $11.99.  

I went with a pound of the University since these wings are what they have on for their Wednesday wing night at $0.49/wing.  A discard bucket and a wet nap were provided, this is always nice to have when digging into a feed of wings.

Breading: 5/5 – Each wing was covered with a breading that wasn't too thick or thin and had the perfect crispiness to it.   
Nice looking plate of wings
Even better looking minus the vegetables
Overall Quality: 4/5 – Excellent fresh flavor almost like they were brined, and even with the breading having being nice and crispy the chicken was not dried up at all, these were cooked to perfection and only a couple dark and fatty patches were discovered here and there, overall I was very impressed.

Sauce Selection: 5/5 – This may be the most difficult (and critical) part of the wing order – there are 57 sauces (each with a little description which is nice) and 11 dry spices to choose from, the combinations are endless.  I went with the Blackened Cajun dry spice with Yukon Gold and Kettle Fire on the side, they were both delicious but I want to try a lot more.  Additional sauces will run you $0.99/each. 
Now that's a lot of sauces
Service: 4/5 – Fast efficient service, our server was pleasant and drink refills were offered. 

Size: 5/5 – I wasn't expecting the wings to be very large since this is the only variety you can get cheap on a wing night but I was very surprised, the wings were a great size and contained a lot of meat.
Meaty wings
Overall Rating: 4.6/5

We now have a tie for first place for the best wings in Halifax - Bubba Ray's and the Alehouse, both excellent choices and each with a unique atmosphere, I will be back for many more visits to both places.  

If you had to pick a favorite between the top two spots who would have your vote?


  1. both place get their frozen chicken wings from the same source. along with most of the restaurants in the city. they are bought pre cooked. The only place that I know who actually makes their own breading is Dave Doolittle.

  2. Alehouse wings are way better in my opinion. Bubba Rays university wings are good but nothing like the alehouse. I'm going to BBR tonight, and I was at alehouse yesterday. I love my wings.