Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pause at PVP

** This place is no longer open **

Video games, alcohol and food, sounds like a great combination.  I’m not a hardcore gamer by any means, I have a PS3 and enjoy a good round of Tiger Woods now and again, and I even have a tablet for Plants vs. Zombies, I love that game for some reason.  Anyway, we decided to take a stop in to PVP on a Saturday afternoon to see what this place was all about and to try the wings of course.

We arrived around 5:00 PM and a birthday party was just wrapping up (princess theme, may have just turned 6?) and on the other side of the place a few people were sitting around playing some video games, we grabbed a seat and menus were handed out shortly afterwards.  I’m not exactly sure how much it costs to play the games or what games are available, we didn’t ask and no one told us.  

A pound of wings rings up at $8.95 which is a pretty good deal.  Thursday is wing night - $0.60/wing from 4:00 - 11:00 PM and a pitcher of Bud Light is only $10 from 7:00 - 10:00 PM.

Breading: 2/5 – The wings had a nice coating on them and the menu indicated they are lightly spiced however the only thing I could really taste was grease, for some reason there wasn’t really any other flavor.  If the breading had a bit more flavor this category would have been rated much higher, there is potential here. 
Looking good so far

Overall quality: 3/5 – The wings were cooked well and the chicken tasted fine but there was a lot of dark meat and some fine feathers on an outer ridge of a flattie.  Scott (the owner I believe) came by at the end of the meal to ask how things were and I gave an honest opinion and showed him the feathers.  He was quite surprised and you could tell he was genuinely concerned so he didn’t charge for the wings and said he was going to speak with the supplier. 
Dark substance
This one needs a trim
Sauce selection: 2/5 – Your options are pretty standard with a choice between Mild, Medium, Hot, Honey Garlic, BBQ and Sweet Chili.  I went with Hot on the side (a generous helping is provided) and we were also told they are changing the sauce selection really soon. 

Service: 2/5 - This is where the fun began.  Drinks were ordered and arrived and then the food order was taken – a pound of wings and a clubhouse with mashed potatoes (more on this later).  Five minutes after the order was taken Scott came by to let us know the ticketing system was acting up and it may be a few minutes for the food, that wasn’t a problem with me.  He was constantly busy running around however as the 25 minute mark was approaching (I would have walked out at this point if I wasn’t doing a review) he came back over and said it’s just going to be a few more minutes, about five minutes later, the food finally arrived.

The beer that was originally ordered was long gone by now and our server (only one server working from what I could see) never came over to see if a refill was necessary, he did have time to sit on what appeared to be a very comfy couch for a few minutes here and there, but hey, everyone deserves a break now and again even though I was hoping to be able to order a margarita during our extended stay.

Size: 4/5 – Good sized wings but unfortunately they held true to my ‘the bigger the wing the lower quality of meat’ theory that I’ve been noticing. 
Plump wings
Overall rating:  2.6/5

Overall this wasn’t the wing experience I was hoping for however I will go back and give them another try, and the only reason I’ll do that is because of how Scott handled everything.  If he wasn’t around and only the other server was there, I would have left long before the food came out.  On side note, two wet naps were provided when the food arrived however there was only one napkin, I can make a bit of a mess with a pound of wings and handing out some additional napkins would have been nice.  I also noticed a signature gaming drink menu laying on the bar as we were paying, this would have been nice to see on the table as I'm sure I would have tried one of those as well.  

Oh, and the clubhouse with mashed potatoes came to a total of $16.39 before taxes, I’m not sure what the going rate on a clubhouse is these days, but that seemed a little excessive, especially since the mashed potatoes were just instant potatoes, I’m not sure if other places are doing this or not, but they weren’t too appealing.    
The item on the left will run you a buck fifty extra
Scott did mention they do have great reviews on the wings and was really surprised at the quality of the wings that were on my plate, has anyone else tried the wings here and what do you think?  

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