Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pizazz at Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza is one of those places I’ve seen around a lot but haven’t tried anything on their menu until a few months ago and since then I’ve been hooked on their wings.  After a wing craving tonight I decided it was time for a review. 

I placed an order for pickup online (great ordering system by the way) and noticed the order would be free if it wasn’t ready in 20 minutes, I’ve never been the recipient of this type of luck but the wing gods were with me tonight.  I walked in to pick the order up with a few minutes to spare and sure enough the wings weren’t ready yet and they held true to their promise, free wings!  At this point I wish wishing I had have ordered 20 instead of 10, but this is still a victory nonetheless. 

They offer non-breaded and breaded as well as a few different serving sizes – 6 wings for $5.79, 10 for $8.99 and 20 for $15.99, the prices aren’t too bad considering some places charge over $15 for a pound now.  There is no specific wing night however they seem to have frequent specials on larger orders and wings are usually included. 

Breading: 5/5 – An excellent coat with the perfect crispiness, breading doesn’t really get any better than this.
Crispy breading

Overall quality: 4/5 – Sometimes with a crispy breading the meat can get a bit dried out, but not in this case.  The chicken was moist and had a great flavor however there were a few fatty spots strewn about.

Sauce selection: 5/5 – There are 15 different types of sauces to choose from, even though some of the options are questionable with wings, they are still sauces.  If you choose to dip your wings in Seafood or Italian Marinara sauce, I won’t hold it against you.  All of the options come in a little dipping cup to which is convenient.  I wasn’t too risky with my selection so I went with an old favorite – Frank’s Red Hot.

Some interesting choices
Service: n/a – This isn’t a sit down and get waited on type of place so this category is not rated.  Although I will say the guy working didn’t try to give me a hassle about the 20 minute rule, so that was cool. 

Size: 3/5 – There was a range of some pretty good sized wings so some smaller ones, but all in all they balanced out to a pretty standard size. 
Fairly standard size
Overall rating: 4.25/5

Pizza Pizza has become one of my new favorite places for delivery/take out wings, I’m sure I will be placing a lot of orders over the coming months, and I hope some of those orders take longer than 20 minutes.  I went to the location in Cole Harbour and it’s interesting to note this place is right next door to Wing Dings, this is a great plaza for wing choices.

I haven’t really heard from many people that have tried Pizza Pizza but there must be a few around.  Let me know if you’ve tried their wings and what your thoughts are, or if you have any other favorites on the menu.


  1. At Gateway meat market in Dartmouth, they sell 3kg of wings for $24.99. According to them they are the same wings Pizza Pizza has...based on your pics it looks to be true. And I agree, good wings!

  2. That's a lot of wings, could be a great excuse to fire up my deep fryer, but I doubt they would turn out as good as Pizza Pizza's, I don't have the best deep frying skills.

    The last batch of frozen wings I put in the deep fryer came out with an almost burnt breading but still managed to not cook in the middle, disappointed to say the least.

  3. Nice find here. I had been a fan of Wingdings (RIP) and have been looking for a new place to get take-out. Tried Pizza Pizza yesterday and I definitely enjoyed the wings. Thanks!

  4. Don't get the ones at gateway, we gave them a go and it was if the chicken's had been in a horrible accident ... each one had broken bones, very strange and unappealing

    1. ugh, I hate seeing wings like that, cheap for a reason I guess. Anytime I buy wings in bulk like that I usually go to Costco, never had any problems with their wings. More expensive, but definitely worth it.