Thursday, March 20, 2014

Off The Mark at Off The Grill

Off The Grill is a rotisserie chicken and ribs type establishment in Woodside where the old Arby's was previously located, and also very close to one of my favorite wing places in Dartmouth – Pilot’s Pub.  My last visit was in November shortly after they opened.  Wings were ordered and the overall experience was great however I failed to post a review at the time.  I was back in the area tonight and decided to stop in and follow through with the review this time however I was quite surprised with the turn the wings took.

The wings are not breaded and a pound comes in at $13.49 or $7.49 for a half pound.  There was also a half rack of ribs and half pound of wings on the menu for $19.49.  I was craving wings once again and ended up ordering a pound.

Breading: n/a – Breading is not an option here so this category will go unrated.
Wet naps and a good helping of sauce

Overall quality: 2/5 – The wings were surprisingly greasy and contained a lot of dark meat on the majority of the wings, not overly appealing.  There was also a little protruding feather on one of them, seemed like the cherry on the cake based on the quality of the rest of them.  I do have to say the flavor of the good meat was delicious, this is how I remember them from my last visit, a great tasting wing.  I’m not sure if there was a change in the supplier or what happened, but sadly these were not the same type of wings that I had back in November.

Not the best quality wings
Little feather on a little wing
Sauce selection: 2/5 - BBQ, BBQ Hot, Honey Garlic, Sweet Chili and Frank's Buffalo are your options.  There are also large containers of ‘serve yourself sauce’ on the counter that I should have paid more attention to before I placed the order as I went with Frank's on the side which came with a couple of good sized sauce dishes.  I love that sauce but I’ll choose a different one next time knowing there is a large supply of Frank’s readily available.
Help yourself
Service: n/a – You just walk up to the counter and place your order so this category will not be rated.

Size: 2/5 – A step below your average sized wing and I’m still surprised at the amount of dark meat based on the size, this may forever remain a mystery. 
Even the drumsticks didn't contain much meat
Overall rating: 2/5

I’ve also tried the rotisserie chicken here and it was delicious, I still need to try the ribs though, tempted both times I went in but wings got the best of me.  I really hope this was just an off night for them.  Have you had the wings here?  If so, what was your experience like? 

Four months between visits can make a big difference based on both experiences I’ve had here,   I think another visit is in order within another four months just to see if this was a one off experience, I sure hope it was and I will update this post as soon as the verdict is in.

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