Sunday, December 9, 2012

Real Crispy at the Red Fox

*** This place is now closed ***

I have recently been told the Red Fox is the original founder of the wing craze in Halifax that began back in 1971, (which is a bit before my time) and that they have the best wings in town.  With a comment like that on the blog I had to try them, so that’s where I ended up tonight. 

The Red Fox is a fairly large place with a typical tavern feel to it.  They offer live music, karaoke and also have a few happy hours every day of the week, you’ll find regular happy hour, matinee power hour and late night power hours, timing is key here.   

Wings are regularly $8.99/10, $15.99/20 or $23.99/30 wings and wing nights are Wednesday and Thursday, $0.60/wing with ten as the minimum order (with a drink purchase).  You can also choose between breaded and non-breaded, I went with the breaded of course.

Breading: 3/5 - The wings are advertised as “crispy”, and they definitely lived up to that.  They are fully coated in a thick crispy breading, almost too crispy actually.  The breading snapped off in pieces and was extra crunchy, but didn’t contain much flavor. 
Crispy wings
Overall quality: 2/5 – I ordered 15 wings with sauce on the side, the first few were ok, a bit dry and kind of bland, but not too bad.  The quality of the chicken seemed to be getting worse wing by wing though, a lot of them included some really dark meat and a couple had some sort of dark gooey substance that didn’t look too appealing at all.  I hate when that happens. 
A lot of dark meat
Sauce selection: 2/5 – Mild, Medium, Hot, Suicide and Honey Garlic are your choices, I went with hot on the side.  This was Dave’s Wing sauce, so not overly hot but had great flavor as expected. 

I noticed the drink menu included a Red Fox ale, so I wanted to order one of them however I was told they no longer sell that since it wasn’t very popular.  This got me thinking that it may be nice to see some sort of Red Fox house sauce as an option, I really enjoy seeing establishments with their own special wing sauce.

I was also informed Dave’s Wing sauce was originally created at this place, I was unaware of this until a couple of days ago.  I think it would be nice to see this on the menu, or even see a bottle of it on every table, who doesn’t like Dave’s Wing sauce? 

Service: 3/5 – A couple of minutes after taking a seat the menus arrived and drink orders were taken.   We weren’t asked how the meal was, if we wanted anything else or if we needed a drink refill.  The server was pleasant and efficient, but nothing memorable. 

Size: 5/5 – These wings were giant sized, both the flatties and the drumsticks.  However, this goes back to my point in multiple previous posts, the bigger the wings the more dark meat they seem to contain. 
Giant wings!
Overall rating: 3/5

Even though this is where the wing craze in Halifax began years ago, I don’t believe I would go back just for the wings.  I noticed the menu indicates they have the best burger in town as well, I’m not too sure where the burger craze began, but perhaps I’ll try one upon my next visit.

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  1. Bye bye Foxy.
    Loved your wings - went tonight...hated to see the bankrupt notice on the door.
    If there are any leftover in the freezer - drop me a line!! ;)