Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pleased with the Palladium

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think I’ve even heard of the word Palladium before, I’m not even sure if I’m pronouncing it correctly as I’m writing this, but that doesn’t matter. 

This is a fairly large place and I was surprised to see how busy it was, usually that could indicate a long wait, but not in this case.  It has a very welcoming diner type feel to it with no TV’s or music, but those aren’t necessary for a place like this.

The menu is quite extensive with a bit of everything on it.  The wings are $8.15 and that will get you anywhere between 9 and 11 wings, depending on the size as they are fanned around the plate on a bed of shredded lettuce. 

Breading: n/a – The wings aren’t breaded so this category won’t be rated. 

Overall quality: 5/5 – I wasn’t impressed with the wings when they arrived due to the size but that changed once I took a bite, the chicken was moist and had a really fresh taste, there was no dark meat or fatty pieces to pick around. 
Wings fanned around some sauce.
Sauce selection: 1/5 – BBQ, Ranch or Sweet and Sour are your options.  I was expecting to see a larger sauce selection, at least a mild and hot or something.  I went with the BBQ on the side, and I think it was just some BBQ sauce squeezed out of a bottle. 

Service: 5/5 – I was overly impressed with the service.  It took no time to be seated and for glasses of water to arrive, we didn’t even have to ask.  The servers were polite and genuine and it the food arrived within a decent time.  There were also plenty of drink refills offered.

Size: 2/5 – These were pretty small wings, but still worth the effort.
Not a lot of meat to them.
Overall rating: 3.25/5

This was my first time at the Palladium and I will be back.  However, if I end up ordering the wings again I’ll be sure to order something else with them, they are pretty small but would make for a great appetizer.   


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