Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Liking the Wings at Lake Loon Pub

Well, the golf season is almost over and my least favorite season will soon be upon us.  I’m glad to say that I made it out golfing a lot this year and I spent a bit of time at the Lake Loon driving range practicing my shots as well (even though I can’t seem to correct that damn slice I have with my driver).

It was a bit on the cold side for any form of golfing activity on Thursday but I went to Lake Loon anyway, this time to try the wings in the Pub.  We arrived a little after 6:00 PM and I was surprised to see how busy this place was, that’s usually a good indication in my books.  It's not an overly large place but it does contain a pool table and a couple of big screen TV's (although I'm not sure if they turn up the volume for any specific games that are on).

Wings are regularly $8.99/12 wings, $16.99/25 wings or $29.99/50 wings and are $0.50/wing on Thursday and Friday, minimum order is five wings (I originally said ten but I was mistaken).  

Breading: 4/5 – The wings were coated with a full crispy golden breading.

Overall quality: 3/5 – The biggest problem with these wings was the amount of dark meat, wings are supposed to be white meat.  Other than that they were cooked well and had a good flavour to them.
Looks good on the outside.  Whoever said it's the inside that counts is incorrect.
Sauce selection: 4/5 – This place had the biggest sauce selection list that I’ve seen in a while – Mild, Medium, Hot, X-tra Hot, Honey Garlic, Sweet & Sour, Sweet Chili, BBQ, Blue Cheese and a house sauce – Lake Loon Hoagie. 

I love to see places with their own sauce and I learned it was just the Mild and Honey Garlic combined (I was hoping for something more than two sauces combined), I went with it anyway but found it just tasted like ketchup, I had higher expectations for a house sauce.  Keep in mind this category is rated based on the number of sauces offered, not by how good they are.

Service: 5/5 – I was very impressed with the service, especially for how busy this place was.  The waitress came over as soon as we sat down, took our drink orders, told us about the specials and was very polite and personable.  I also asked about a dry spice option since there wasn't one on the menu, and she was able to hook me up with some dry Cajun!  The food took less than 20 minutes to arrive and drink refills were offered.  Service really couldn’t have been any better. 

Size: 3/5 – These were fairly standard sized wings.

Average sized wings.
Overall rating: 3.8/5

As a side note I am happy to report that wet naps were also provided.  

It’s going to be a long few months before I’ll be back on the driving range but I may go out of my way to get some wings at Lake Loon during the off season.  


  1. Hey Wingman, glad you came out to The Loon!! Awesome review! Min order is 5 though not 10.. but who's counting right lol. Deep inside I hope I was your server... Thanks again for coming out!! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Thank you, I'm looking forward to going back during the off season. The five wing minimum has been corrected, thanks for letting me know. I think that Cajun dry spice option should be on the menu though, lol.