Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just OK at Jack Astor's

I've been eating a fair amount of wings lately and for some reason I keep returning to the places I enjoy, it was time to try some new wings and I ended up at Jack Astor’s in Dartmouth Crossing a little while ago.

This was my first visit to this place and eventually I learned that I wasn't missing out on anything. 

The wings are described as “Cluckin’ Good Chicken Wings” and are a little pricey, one pound will cost you $10.89 or two pounds for $19.94 and they don’t have a wing night. 

Breading: 3/5 – The wings were fully covered with a light breading however it lacked in the flavour department.  The description in the menu did say “flour dusted”, and that described them fairly well.
Carrots and celery with wings.

Overall quality: 2/5 – The chicken was very bland, had a lot of really dark meat and was a tad on the greasy side.
I hate when wings look like this.
Sauce selection: 2/5 – Mild, Medium, Hot or Honey Garlic are your options and Blue Cheese is automatically included, if you've spent a bit of time on this site you know how I feel about the Blue Cheese.  I went with the hot on the side which tasted like a pretty standard type sauce and wasn't overly hot.  I did like the sauce containers though.

Service: 2/5 – The service was promising at the beginning.  I was meeting a couple of people when I arrived and was offered a drink as soon as I sat down, that’s a great way to start but it went downhill from there.  It took a while for the food order to be taken, we had to ask for a drink refill and the food took what felt like forever to arrive.  It was over an hour from the time I sat down until the bill arrived, that’s a bit excessive.  On a plus side, our waitress was very polite. 

Size: 3/5 – I wouldn't consider these wings jumbo by any means, even though that is how they are advertised in the menu.  They were a pretty standard size. 
Not a Jumbo wing.
Overall rating: 2.4/5

Jack Astor’s is situated right in the middle of two other establishments and I've had the wings at both of them.  I’ll be sure to visit one of those places next time I'm in the area and have a craving for wings.  


  1. You've got to try them with the sauce on! I'd like to know how they do it! It's not your typical toss the wings and sauce in a bowl and shake- its like they fry them with the sauce on. JA's is our chosen place when we're going out for date night.

  2. Little known fact- you can order them with their Thai honey sauce as well. Not on the menu but they're more than accommodating with this request