Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kinda Expensive at Kempster's

The other evening I had an idea of somewhere new to try wings but unfortunately the crazy rain storm put a damper in my plans due to the lack of parking at the place I was going to go so I found myself on the opposite side of town at Kempster’s.  

This was my fist time at this place, they have a pretty large menu and I also soon found out they also have delicious milkshakes, a good old fashioned milkshake can be hard to find these days. 

Wings are very expensive here at $11.99/pound and there is no wing night.  For a dollar more I could have got an entire turkey dinner, and on Sunday’s they have a special for buy one turkey dinner and get the next one free, now that’s a good deal.  They also serve breakfast all day, you can’t go wrong with that.

Breading: n/a – Breading is not an option so this category will go unrated.  Even though they weren't breaded they still contained a nice lil crunch on the outside.  

Overall quality: 3/5 – Nothing really stood out with these wings, there were pretty average.  On a good note at least they were fully cooked, didn’t contain any feathers and were free from any dark tinges of meat, so at least that’s good. 
Not the best looking wings.

Sauce selection: 3/5 – Choices of sauce include Hot, Medium, Mild, Honey Garlic, BBQ or Plum Sauce – I can’t say I’ve ever had  plum sauce with my wings, but I’m sure some people must enjoy it.  The wings automatically come with Blue Cheese and also include carrots and celery sticks.  I’ve mentioned my dislike for Blue Cheese many times before and still can’t understand how some people actually enjoy this, but it’s been a while and since it was automatically included with the order I decided to try it again, and I realized I still don’t enjoy it at all.

I went with the hot on the side which wasn’t too bad but the thing that stood out the most was the size of these sauce bowls, they were huge!  I think there still would have been sauce left over if I had have ordered 50 wings, I imagine this place wastes a lot of sauce like this. 
Giant sauce bowls!  And that is more Blue Cheese than I will eat in a lifetime.
Service: 5/5 – The service was the best part of this experience.  Our waitress was very polite and personable, we were seated quickly, drink orders were taken and the food was quick to arrive.  I would come back to this place just for the service alone.  She also mentioned she used to own her own restaurant and made some delicious wings.  I wish she had have been in charge of the wing department at this place. 

Size: 2/5 – The wings were a little on the small side.  I could have probably fit them all in the huge dipping sauce dish. 
Not a very big wing.
Overall rating: 3.25/5 (based on a total score of 13 divided by the 4 categories they were rated on)

I will go back to Kempster’s, but next time it’s going to be on a Sunday, and I’m going to order a turkey dinner and another milkshake.  I’ll be sure to post and update when that day arrives.  

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