Saturday, July 28, 2012

Massive at Montana's

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Montana’s and I figured now was a good time to go back since they had a special on for ribs and wings, you can’t go wrong with a combination like that. 

Wings alone are $10.59 for 8 wings or $19.49 for 16 wings, a bit on the pricey side for sure. 

Breading: 3/5 – The wings are advertised as “Hand seasoned twice and cooked to a crispy finish” which doesn’t sound too bad but they had a very flat coating and were a bit too crispy for my liking.  The breading did have some spices added to it which provided a nice overall flavour. 
Massive wings

Overall quality: 4/5 – The wings were cooked well, didn’t contain any dark tinges of meat, grease free and had a good flavour to them however I found the chicken was a bit on the tough side, they really made you work hard to get the meat off. 

Sauce selection: 2/5 – Sauces include mild, medium, hot or honey garlic and ranch or blue cheese.  I went with the hot on the side and it had a pretty good kick to it.  I still find it odd to see ranch or blue cheese as side options, but apparently some people enjoy that with their wings.  It was also nice to see some giant wet naps with the order.
Giant wet naps
Service: 5/5 – The service was definitely incredible from the moment we entered until we were gone.  We were seated right away, menus were provided and drinks were on their way. 

The waitress was very polite and genuine.  I wanted something a bit different than what was advertised for the special and generally hate asking to change it up a bit however she was very accommodating and didn’t make me feel like an idiot. 

Size: 5/5 – These wings were massive.  That’s all I can say for this category.
A huge wing!
Overall rating: 3.8/5

I would go back to Montana’s however I think I would stick with the ribs on my next visit.  The pork back ribs with the cracked black peppercorn sauce were delicious.  On a side note they have fairly reasonable drink prices as well if you plan on sticking around a bit afterwards to wash your meal down, you can’t complain about a 34oz mug of beer for only eight bucks.

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  1. Montana's used to be a favorite spot for me to eat wings. I have found they have changed their recipe. I also find when u do order the wing and rib combo each of the wings and ribs are different than if u had ordered them separate. try Angles bar and grill in Sackville not bad at all