Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jaded at Jamieson's

I noticed there was a mention of Jamieson’s online the other day and one of the comments was saying how good the wings were, so I went to try them for myself. 

Their site says “Jamieson's is an upscale, yet and casual Irish Pub-like Restaurant” and I have to say it was pretty nice in there.  I think cloth napkins are a pretty good indication this place is no regular wing joint but I had to try them. 

There is no wing night and the wings are $10.79 for a pound.  I might have to start keeping track of how many wings are actually included in a pound for future reviews, I think the results would be interesting.

Breading: n/a – The wings are not breaded so this category will not be rated.

Overall quality: 3/5 – The meat that was on the wings had a pretty decent taste to it although I was surprised how dark a lot of the meat was based on the size of the wings.
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Sauce selection: 1/5 – Your only sauce option is the Jamieson's Special Spicy Honey glaze.  The sauce was definitely the best part and tastes exactly how it sounds.  The sauce dipping bowl was a bit small but I did enjoy how the sauce was heated.  I wish that was a common practice. 

Service: 1/5 – The service was the worst part of this experience, I’m giving this category a one since food did arrive.  A pasta entrée was also ordered and the menu listed a free bread bowl with any entrée, bread goes good with pasta.  The meal arrived however there was no bread so we asked if it came with the pasta and the waitress said no.  Well, not much we can do in that situation I guess. 

When the meal was over I asked to see a menu again, just to make sure I didn’t misread it and sure enough, bread was included.  So I mentioned it to the waitress and instead of an apology she told us that she “didn’t read the fine print” and was pretty rude about it. 

Well, that was interesting.  Maybe I’m making a big deal of it all but to be told your meal doesn’t include something when the menu clearly states otherwise and to make us feel bad about it didn’t make for the best experience.  I’m glad the wings weren’t in the “fine print” section or I may have never received my order at all.  Drink refills weren’t offered either, I always hate when that happens. 

Size: 1/5 – These were some tiny wings.  There’s not really anything else I can say for this category.
Small drumstick
Overall rating: 1.5/5

This is one place that I will not be returning, even if the wings were good I probably still wouldn’t even go back with service that bad.  I wonder if I might be able to find a place that has a spicy honey glaze sauce though, that would go well with some good wings and great service. 


  1. HI Wingman.

    Thanks for checking us out. I apologize for the service lapse and confusion. No excuses as this simply shouldn't have happened. I will clarify with staff to ensure this doesn't happen again.

    Regarding the wings, I appreciate that you prefer them with the sauce on the side, however this leaves out a crucial third cooking process that is imperative to the final outcome. Our first two cooking processes include parboiling them, then briefly deep frying to lock in the juices and give a crispy exterior. The final stage is to saute them in a frying pan with the sauce, as this final cooking stage enables the sauce to permeate the wings right through while cooking, while the sauce reduces to a gooey like texture. This gives the final product a fall-off -the bone quality to the meat, much like excellently done ribs. They're sticky and messy, but oh so good!

    This is quite different to traditionally breaded wings with sauce on the side for dipping, but I'm confident you will will really enjoy them.

    Hopefully you'll take up my offer to give them a go this way, and if so please let me know when you might come in.

    Chris Smith

    1. Hi Chris,

      I appreciate the clarification on the wing process, I had no idea (and I'm not sure if our server at the time did either). I'm glad you explained that, because I was kind of curious why the sauce on the side was at such a hot temperature and now that mystery is solved, lol.

      I don't enjoy giving reviews like this one but unfortunatley those experiences are bound to happen pretty much anywhere. You're the first person to ever reach out to me to clear up a negative experience, that says a lot for you and your establishment (even though I'm sure these reviews are taken with a grain of salt anyway). I will be back in to try some wings soon the way they are supposed to be enjoyed, and I can't wait for that Spicy Honey Glaze.