Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Xcellent taste at Xtreme Pizza

We ended up at Xtreme Pizza on Spring Garden on Saturday for some wing. I was impressed with the menu, there are a lot of options and a unique twist to quite a few of the items. The order included six wings and a Hero poutine. I requested the sauce on the side and I was told that is the way they are served, so that was good.

The wings are not breaded and prices are $5.05 for six wings or $9.90 for 12 wings.

Breading: n/a – Unrated since they weren't breaded.

Overall quality: 4/5 - I’ll have to admit that when I first seen the wings I didn’t think too much of them, however I look at all non-breaded wings that way. Wings that are breaded are almost always more appealing to the eye for some reason.

The wings were cooked well and contained a few darker pieces of meat however the chicken was quite juicy and had an excellent taste to it, I was quite impressed.

Sauce selection:  2/5 - Sauces include mild, medium, hot, honey garlic and donair.  I ended up with the mild.  I didn't mean to get mild, I was offered "first degree burn" when I placed the order but it didn't click in with me that was the mild sauce.  I'll try the hot next time, or the "third degree burn".  A dry spice addition would be really nice to see as well, just something to give the outside a bit of spicy flavour.  

Service: n/a - This category will go unrated since this place is more of a counter service/delivery place.  However the order was ready in a pretty quick amount of time.

Size: 3/5 – The flatties were on the smaller side however the drumsticks had more meat on them, so I guess that evens it out to a fairly standard size. 

Overall rating: 3/5 (this is calculated by a total score of nine divided by the three categories they were rated on).

I would definitely order from Xtreme Pizza again, there are so many more items that I have to try. Check out the menu for yourself and you'll understand what I'm talking about - http://xtremepizza.ca/

On a side note – I have really been wanting to try a pizza with Dave’s Famous Chicken Wing sauce on it as the base, and chicken included in the toppings of course (actual chicken wing meat instead of chicken breast pieces would be awesome).

Based on how creative the menu is, I think this could make for another excellent choice to see. After all, who else has "spaghetti and meatball pizza" as an option? What do you think, would you order a "Chicken Wing" pizza?

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