Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stayin at Stayner's

So this is it, the 50th review, a milestone of sorts.  It took around 18 months to make it this far, and I plan to keep going for many more reviews to come.  I’ve certainly had my fair share of wings during that time, and I’m glad to say the 50th ended on a very positive note.

I stumbled upon Stayner’s Wharf on Sunday as a fluke.  I was walking around looking for somewhere to try some wings for my 50th review and the first two places I attempted to enter had their doors locked.  So I continued on my journey and ended up at Stayner’s.

We received menus and I noticed wings were not an option.  I asked our waitress and she advised it was still the brunch menu however after a quick check with the chef she advised wings would be served, off to a good start after all.  Wings are $9.95/pound and there is no wing night. 

Breading: 5/5 – The wings were well coated with a nice breading that you could rip off in big pieces and dunk in the sauce.

Overall quality: 4/5 – The chicken had a delicious fresh taste to it.  I though the wings may have been marinated however I was told that they weren’t.  The only issue is that they were a bit on the greasy side. 

Sauce selection: 1/5 – The wings come with three sauces on the side – BBQ, honey mustard and ranch.  The presentation was really nice.  The only reason this category is rated as a 1 is due to the amount of sauces offered.  Check out the details on the rating system here.  
Very nice presentation.
Service: 5/5 – The service was incredible from the moment we sat down until the moment we left.  Our waitress was very personable, checked on us frequently and drink refills were offered. 

Size: 3/5 – These were fairly standard sized wings. 
Average size wing. 
Overall rating: 3.6/5

I would definitely go back to this place for some wings.  Sometimes I dislike my rating system.  I feel the rating should be higher but the lack of sauces is what took it down.  Either way I’ve been rating places with this same scale or over a year, so it’s only fair. 

I plan on having a wing celebration in Halifax in the very near future to celebrate the 50 review mark.  Needless to say there will be some excellent wings to be consumed as well as a few beverages.  If you’re a big wing fan and would be interested in attending, send me a DM on Twitter or an email to HalifaxWingman@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you.

I also want to say thanks to everyone who has ever consulted my site before making an informed wing decision, I’m really glad to know there are so many wing enthusiasts out there.  As always, feel free to leave any comments/suggestions or new places I should try, there is certainly no shortage of wing establishments around.  

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  1. I love wings have been trying out many, failed to get them good or perfect. These look amazing. Just want to bite into that juicy wing. Yumm.. I can taste it.