Sunday, April 1, 2012

Real Good at the Red Stag

I ended up at the Red Stag a little while ago for wings.  It’s part of the Alexander Keith’s brewery in downtown.  I've never been on the brewery tour, but that may change in the coming months.  

Wings are $10.99/pound and they do not have any wing specials. 

Breading: 5/5 – The breading had a great flavor, was well coated and nice and thick. 
Some good looking wings.
Overall quality: 4/5 – The chicken was moist and had a good flavor.  The only issue was a few fatty type pieces along the way.  

Sauce selection: 2/5 – Sauces included sweet & spicy Thai, hot, mild or Chipotle BBQ.  I went with the sweet & spicy Thai on the side. 

Service: 4/5 – The service was great.  Our waitress was pleasant, told us about all the specials and came back to check on us frequently. 

Size: 5/5 – Larger than average.  I used a wet nap as a measuring gauge since we didn't have forks.
A jumbo flattie.
Overall rating: 4.2/5

These wings were delicious and I would go back, I just wish they would have a wing night because $10.99 a pound is a bit on the expensive side.  

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  1. The "hot" wings are by far the best on the menu! Have those and the 4.2 gets a lot closer to 5!