Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Miss At Mic Mac Tavern

I’ve been to Mic Mac Tavern numerous times over the years and I have always enjoyed my meal, up until today that is.  This place is known for their steak, and they sure do an amazing job at it, too bad that’s not the same situation with the wings.  Maybe my expectations were set high from their juicy bacon-wrapped tenderloin steaks, but these wings were not what I was expecting. 

Wings are offered plain or breaded, I went with the breaded.  A pound will run you $9.49 and there is no wing night. 

Breading: 3/5 – The wings were evenly coated with a thin and crispy like layer of breading that wasn’t very flavourful. 
This picture is deceiving.
Overall quality: 1/5 – These were fairly dry, didn’t have a good taste to them and contained quite a few very dark pieces of chicken. 
Not very appealing. 
I also found it interesting that almost every flattie contained a nice little row of feathers lining one of the ridges.  I realize they are not big or prominent, but it certainly wasn’t appealing. 
A lot of people may not mind this, but I didn't find them too appealing.
Sauce selection: 1/5 – You can choose between mild, hot and honey garlic.  I went with hot on the side.  There was also an abundance of sauce included for some reason, two full containers for one pound.  If the wings had have been better it would have been nice to see a bigger selection of sauces to try some different flavors. 

Service: 4/5 – This place is usually packed every time I’m here but thankfully it didn’t take long to find a seat this time.  We were greeted quickly and received menus and drinks shortly thereafter.  Our orders arrived within a reasonable time and drink refills were provided, overall it was pretty good. 

The only issue was the lack of a “thanks” after the payment at the end of the meal.  Maybe it’s just me but a “thanks” goes a long way.  It’s almost like holding the door open for someone as they walk through and don’t say a word or letting a vehicle slide in that small spot in front of you in a giant lane of traffic and not even getting that wave that most people respond with in a situation like that. 

Size: 3/5 – Some of the wings were oddly shaped, but overall they were a fairly standard size.
A flat flattie.
Overall rating:  2.4/5

I will return to the Mic Mac Tavern, but I’ll be sure to stay with my usual order next time.  


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    1. I'm over it. Have you had a better experience with their wings?

    2. Anonymous - do you want the wingman to sugar coat bad experiences? He blogs about wings, if you don't want to read what he has to say, why are you even on his page? Employee I'm thinking.....