Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wood Smoked at Woody's

Dartmouth now has it’s own BBQ establishment in Dartmouth Crossing so of course I had to go check out their wings. 

Wings are $0.79/wing on Thursday’s, that’s not a cheap wing night.  Any other day of the week and you’re looking at 8 wings for $10.59, 16 wings for $18.99 or $24 wings for $24.99. 

Breading: n/a – Breading is not an option so this category is not rated. 

Overall quality: 4/5 – I was very impressed with the strong smoky flavor of the chicken.  Our waitress informed us that the wings are smoked for 10 – 15 hours and then fried.  I guess that explains the smoky flavour. 

Sauce selection: 2/5 – You have a choice between mild, medium, hot and honey garlic.  I went with the hot on the side.  As a side note there are also four types of sauce to choose from on the table - Southern Sweet, Smokin Hot, Tangy Mustard and Carolina Style.
I like the sauce bowl.
Service: 5/5 – Once we were greeted we were advised it would be about a 20 minute wait, seemed like that would be a long time to wait but we were seated in just a few minutes.  The service was fantastic.  Our waitress was very friendly and came back to check on us often. 

Size: 2/5 –  I was disappointed with the size of these wings, especially for the price.
This pic makes the wing look bigger than it actually appeared.
Overall rating: 2.6/5

I was impressed with the flavour of these wings, unfortunately due to the  size this place would not be my first choice to stop by on a random wing night.  Woody's makes for the third BBQ establishment around HRM as far as I'm aware and Boneheads is still my favourite  destination.  

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  1. Unfortunately the wings I think shrink with smoking instead of plumping with the frying/breading. This place should get a bump because of the corn nuggets which are gods gift to this earth.

    - Norm