Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mediocre at The Muster Station

Tonight I willingly found myself walking up to the establishment that ‘earned’ the spot of the lowest rated wings ever.  Luckily for me it has a new name all together - Porter’s is now The Muster Station, so I thought it was a great opportunity to go back and try the wings.

I decided to take a seat in the lounge area this time and noticed I had a pretty good view of a few TV's within a close proximity, which was perfect because I managed to catch the last few shots in the opening round of the Cadillac Championship.

The wings are $10/pound every day of the week, no wing specials.  On a side note I was pretty impressed with the Muster Mugs of beer, $7.75 for a 30 oz mug of Molson or Coors.  I ordered a giant mug and happily proceeded with my order.
Now that's a giant mug of beer!
Breading: 3/5 – The wings are advertised as “dusted” so needless to say the breading was fairly light.  I also noticed a few soggy type spots along the way.

Overall quality: 3/5 – The chicken had a fairly good taste too it and it wasn’t really dry or really juicy either.  There were also a few patches of darker meat here and there.

Sauce selection: 2/5 - Sauces include Bourbon BBQ, Dave’s Hot or Korean Spiced.  All wings are served with blue cheese as well.  I went with the Bourbon BBQ but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, it was pretty flat and for some reason had a ketchup type taste to it.  I probably should have tried the Korean Spiced.

As another side note, the sauce selection category is not based on the quality or the flavour of the sauce, this rating is based solely on the variety of sauces offered - click here for a detailed overview.

Service: 3/5 – Our waiter was genuine but I thought the wings took a while to arrive.  I do recognize the waiter does not control when the food is cooked however it does contribute to the overall service experience.  The 3/5 rating could have easily turned into a 4/5 if drink refills had have been offered.  A 30 oz mug of beer contains a lot of liquid yes, but it was going down good and a margarita would have complimented it nicely if I had have been given the chance.

Size: 3/5 – Surprisingly enough this category was hard to rate.  These wings had to have been the oddest shaped wings I have ever seen arrive on a plate all at once.  They went from the infamous non split wing right down to a ball of chicken with a good sized bone sticking out the end, very inconsistent.  From what I could tell they seemed to be fairly averaged sized wings overall though.
Protruding bone.
Total rating: 2.8/5

Overall I enjoyed the TV’s and giant mugs of beer more than the wings.  With that said I would return to this place to catch a game and have a few mugs of beer, but I'd rather explore other options on the menu upon my return.

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