Monday, January 16, 2012

Could have been better at Clay West

I ended up at Clay West in Bayers Lake the other day, it’s where Kokomo’s used to be located.  I was hoping for some new amazing wings but unfortunately there is still some work that needs to be done.

Wings are $0.40/wing on Thursday’s.  Any other day of the week you’re looking at $11 for 10 wings or $16 for 20 wings. 

Breading: 2/5 – A light breading that was a bit too crispy. 

Overall quality: 2/5 – They were a bit overcooked, contained a fair amount of dark meat and one wing still had a pretty good lil patch of feathers on it, not very appealing overall.  Other than that the rest of the chicken had an ok taste to it. 
I like the sauce holder on the side.
Yup, those are feathers.
Sauce selection: 3/5 – Sauces include mild, medium, hot, suicide, honey garlic, blue cheese and ranch.  I went with hot on the side and it had an ok kick to it. 

Service: 3/5 – The service was prompt and friendly, drink refills also arrived which is always nice.  The only reason I am not giving this category a higher rating is because I feel when the order is not to your satisfaction you should be offered some sort of compensation.  I think a little discount would have been in order due to the feather patch, but perhaps I’m incorrect on that one. 

At the end of the meal I was asked how the wings were.  I mentioned they were ok and she asked what could have been better.  I was surprised she even asked this, I find a lot of times I get the impression that people don’t really seem to care what the response is. 

I said they would have been a bit better if they didn’t contain feathers.  Interestingly enough she said she had a customer recently and the wing had a lot more feathers on it, that didn’t really make me feel any better though. - Update - It was a cook who found a lot of feathers on a wing, not a customer.  I'll just consider myself lucky that I didn't get that one.

Size: 3/5 – The wings looked like a pretty good size but there really wasn’t too much meat on them. 
Looks like a massive wing, but there wasn't a lot of meat to it.
Overall rating: 2.6/5

Our waitress advised they will eventually have around 20 different kinds of sauces and a few different types of wings too.  I’ll be back eventually to try out the expanded wing menu, I just hope the feather situation will be taken care of by then.  


  1. I was there the other night, and my friend got an uncooked burger, another got a burger with old meat, and my wrap was not my taste, so when she offered me to take it home, I said yes, planning to give it to someone else, and she didn't give it to me... My worst restaurant experience ever.

  2. Wow, that's not good at all. Not sure how long this place will last if that trend continues.

  3. I've heard nothing but bad things about that place.

  4. had wings there tonight and they were much smaller than what you have pictured. I've never had smaller wings anywhere ever! not only that but I ordered 20 wings for $16 but because it was half priced apps after 8 it should have been $8, instead I was charged the special price of .49 each or $9.8 even after asking for the advertised price. I was told that the special price of 9.8 was the better deal because otherwise it would have cost $11.50. no idea how they came up with that. not impressed but it wasnt worth causing a seen over. ill be looking for a new place

    1. wow, that doesn't seem to make much sense at all, lol.

  5. This is a great service,if the proprieters of these establishments keep their eye on this site they will realize that they gotta stay one step ahead of the competition.
    by the way I have never eaten wings here nor will I at this joint ,gotta be fair though,if I read that was was improvement,I would certainly spend my money there

  6. I think youn need to go back and try their new wings. I used to go to this place often for convenience when I live in CP, and I never really though the wings were that great, until last may. I immediately noticed the wings looked different, and upon trying them I was blown away with the improvement. The breading was crispy and delicous, the wings were good sized and the suicide sauce was amazing with fround pepper and chunks of jalapeno in a thick rasty sauce. I asked the waitress and she confirmed they were new and that the resturaunt was trying to earn the title of the best wing in the city. Perhaps they are reading your blog. If you're looking for a new wing joint to try, Prospecters pub and grill in Mount Uniacke are really good.

  7. Their new wings actually reminded me of the Ale House wings, which used to be my favorite place when I lived downtown.

  8. We ate there this week for the first time. Just as we finished eating, a mouse ran out from under the table beside us.

  9. Their breaded wings are now $7/lb, while "old school" (unbreaded) and boneless wings are 49c each in orders of 10. The "old school" were smaller as expected, but okay flavour. I've definitely had smaller wings elsewhere.