Friday, December 16, 2011

Not my Favorite

I ended up at Favorites the other night which is part of the Days Inn in Dartmouth.  Wings are $0.50/wing on Thursday’s and regular price is $6.95 for ten wings.  The place was pretty empty when we arrived and I didn't notice anyone else with wings, I would soon find out why. 

Breading: 3/5 – The wings had a thin layer of breading that didn’t contain much flavor. 
Dwarfed by the large dipping sauce container.
Overall quality: 2/5 – The first thing I noticed with these wings were how dry the chicken was.  After that the next thing I noticed was a very bland taste, I wasn’t very impressed.  I’ve had some pretty dry and bland wings before, however I was a bit turned off after ripping my way through one of the drumsticks …
Not an appealing looking wing.
Sauce selection: 2/5 – A large sauce selection wouldn’t have made a difference with the overall experience, but I had honey garlic, mild, hot and BBQ to choose from.  I went with hot on the side.  As a side note, they do provide a good helping of sauce for your dipping pleasure. 

Service: 3/5 – The wings seemed to take a fair amount of time to arrive and the service was pretty standard.  A drink refill was offered at the end of the meal. 

Size: 3/5 – There wasn’t much meat to the flatties but the drumsticks were a pretty average size. 
Not a very big flattie, and it was pretty thin.
Overall rating: 2.6/5

This won’t be a place I’ll be returning for wings at any point.  I’m still a bit thrown off how they managed to be so dry but still included a wing that looked a bit on the raw side to me.  Perhaps I’ll try the nachos next if I ever return.  

On a side note - I enjoy flatties more than the drumstick wings.  I was a bit disappointed to see my order only contained two flatties.  On my next wing adventure, I am going to try to remember to request all flatties.  I'm not sure if I'll get some weird looks with this request or what.  Have you ever made such a request?  I'm curious how this will turn out.  

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