Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Victory For Victory Arms Pub

It’s been a little while since I’ve been to a new place for wings.  I’ve heard some people talking about Victory Arms Pub recently, so I stopped in on Friday night for some wings and nachos.   

The wings are a bit on the pricey side - $11.95 for a pound, that worked out to be nine wings.

Breading: 4/5 – The wings were evenly coated with a nice lighter crispy breading, the only problem was a bit of a greasy taste. 
Nice looking wings.
Overall quality: 4/5 – The chicken had a fresh taste with minimal dark tinges, but there were quite a bit of extra fatty pieces.

Sauce selection: 1/5 – Your choices for sauce are teriyaki, mild or house made barbeque sauce.  I went with the barbeque.  The sauce was pretty thick with a nice smoky flavor.  I always enjoy seeing places with a homemade signature sauce. 

Service: 5/5 – The service was excellent.  There were only two empty tables when we arrived but that wasn’t an indication of a long wait.  Drinks arrived, orders were taken and the food arrived exceptionally fast.  I was impressed. 

Size: 4/5 – The wings were a pretty good size, especially the drumsticks. 
Not a good pic, but you get the idea.  It's a big wing.

Overall rating: 3.6/5

As I mentioned earlier, I also ordered the nachos and I must say, they were excellent.  Nicely layered and lots of toppings.  I also enjoyed the presentation and the colored chips, they really added to it.  If you are a fan of nachos, these are a must try. 
Now these are some amazing looking nachos!
Nachos are a pretty staple food when it comes to pubs.   There’s only one other place I can think of with nachos I enjoyed as much as these.  I’m not sure if there is a Halifax Nachoman/woman out there anywhere, but if you’re aware of one, let me know.  If not, let me know some places you enjoy that have good nachos, they make a great side order with wings.  

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