Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Loved the service at Lions Head

It’s been some time since my last review and I have been craving wings lately, but I didn’t feel like paying full price for wings on a Tuesday night.  The selection of wing nights around Halifax on a Tuesday isn’t very large and I wanted to try somewhere that I haven’t reviewed.  That meant it was time for wings at the Lions Head, they are $0.40/wing after 4:30 PM on Tuesday’s and are ordered in batches of 10. 

Breading: 3/5 – This was the best part of the wing.  Not a lot of flavor but it was thick enough to come off in pieces when digging into them, sometimes it’s nice to rip into a wing and have a good chunk of breading to dunk in the sauce.  I’m a huge fan of breaded wings and they had a nice coating to them, which was a lot more consistent than the size. 

Overall quality: 2/5 – There is a fine line when it comes to cooking chicken, that line is in the middle of pink and gooey or overcooked.  These wings were fairly crisp and a bit overcooked which led to them being a little dry in parts, but that’s always better than undercooked in my opinion.  I also found the wings to contain a lot of really dark looking meat for some reason, not too appealing. 

The breading was the best part.
Not an appealing looking wing.
Sauce selection: 2/5 – Sauces included mild, medium, hot, suicide, honey BBQ and honey garlic.  I went with 20 wings and hot on the side, the heat started to set in pretty good about half way through them, the sauce was great. 

Service: 5/5 – I arrived around 7:30 and I was lucky enough to meet up with a couple of people that already had a booth, otherwise I’m not sure if there were any tables left.  I thought it would have taken a while for us to order but I was really surprised with how quick the service was.  Drink refills were offered a few times, and it’s always nice when they remember what you were drinking. 

Size:  3/5 – The wings were pretty inconsistent when it comes to size.  A few bigger wings and a few really small wings all mixed together.  I would have enjoyed seeing more meat on the flatties. 
Not as big as it looks.
Overall rating: 3/5

The hot sauce was enjoyable and the breading was pretty good, but the wings were a bit too dry and the chicken was overly dark for my liking.  I have some other places in mind for my next few wing adventures, but I was glad to finally try the Lions Head. 

As a side note - wings can potentially be a fairly messy meal, it was nice to see a lot of napkins on the table but it would have been nice to see some wet naps around too, those things should be an automatic accessory included with the order for any place that serves wings.  Same goes for an empty wing basket or bucket, one for wings to eat and a separate one to throw the remainders in.  


  1. Going to try these tonight I hope they are worth the trip! :)

  2. I don't know how lions head isn't at the very bottom of the list, I've gone and gotten them myself and been with friends who went against my suggestions and they were burnt, or the size of a wing that somebody ate the meat off of rebreaded and cooked. Along with terrible service from cory hart( indoor sunglasses) it is on my list of places to never eat at again.

  3. Wings night at lions head is from 430pm to 930pm

  4. Wings night at lions head is from 430pm to 930pm