Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Right on at the Riverside

We finally made it to the Riverside Pub & Eatery in Bedford to try the wings, and I'm happy to say it's not a decision that I regret.  Wings are 10 for $4.99 on Thursday’s, regular price is $9.99 for 10 wings. 

Breading: n/a – I was informed the wings were non breaded.  But these may have been the best deep fried non breaded wings I’ve had. 

Overall quality: 4/5 – I’m always a bit nervous when I’m about to be served wings with no breading, but I was very impressed when my order arrived.  It almost looked like they had a light breading, but they were cooked well enough that the skin wasn’t too crunchy or too soggy, they were perfect.  The chicken inside had a nice fresh taste to it and they weren’t overly greasy. 

Sauce selection: 2/5 - Red Fox Sauce (mild, medium or hot), honey garlic and suicide.  I went with the hot on the side which really wasn’t very hot, it would be nice to see a bigger sauce selection to compliment the wings

Service: 4/5 – Fairly prompt service and came back a couple of times to check on us, food didn’t take too long to arrive.

Size: 3/5 – Standard size when it comes to wings.

Overall rating: 3.25/5

Overall I think the Riverside was a great place, next time I go I hope there’s a spot open on the patio to enjoy some more wings and a few beer while overlooking the river (hence the name, but I didn't realize that until I was there).


  1. i was going to suggest you check out riverside!

    i go there all the time for wings and they are always great. the suicide sauce is awesome as well.

  2. I will return to the Riverside someday.

  3. I actually prefer my wings to be fried and non-breaded. I also prefer to have them tossed in the sauce rather than sauce on the side. Im not sure why some places charge extra just to have the sauce on the wings, but thats another story. Would this be the best place in town for the non-breaded variety?

  4. Yes, I would recommend the Riverside for non breaded wings. Let me know your thoughts if you get a chance to try them.

  5. I had mine with the sauce on and found them a bit of a turn off. I think with no breading on the wings getting the sauce on makes them seem slimy.