Saturday, May 14, 2011

KFC Hot Wings - Not "So Good"

I’m a victim of advertising.  The TV told me to try them, I’m getting enticed by flyers in my mail and when I drive by, that damn big bucket and sign seem to speak to me every time.  If you haven’t guessed by now, I tried the wings at KFC.  A bit on the pricey side as  you would probably have expected - 5 wings/$4.99, 10 wings/$8.99 or 20 wings/$16.99.  

I have to admit I have always enjoyed KFC, but after this experience I have learned to stick with the basics and the occasional Double Down, no more wings for me at KFC. 

I realize it takes a while to cook chicken and noticed their site shows you can call in for pick up, I thought that was great - call ahead, walk in and my order is ready.  “First come first serve, we don’t take pick up orders” is what I was greeted with when I anxiously called in.  So I drove down, placed my order and stood around for ten minutes waiting, hoping these wings would be worth the wait, I hate being proven wrong.

Breading: 4/5 – At first glance they looked good, just like you would expect a good piece of KFC to appear.  It did have an above bland flavor but wasn’t as hot as expected based on what the TV told me.  The breading was evenly coated and the best part of the wing. 

KFC wings in a box.

Overall quality: 1/5 – The first couple of wings seemed to be ok, maybe because that familiar aroma filled my apartment and took my other senses away, but I quickly realized how greasy the wings were.  I worked my way through a few pieces of chicken and then noticed the chicken got darker the closer I got to the bone.  I don’t know why some wings are like this and others aren’t, but dark reddish/blackish pieces of chicken don’t get a lot of overall quality points from me.  A couple of wings also contained feathers, not as prominent as other places I’ve visited, but still.  I’ve decided to start an official count of how many wings I get that still contain feathers, it always seems to humor me, and this makes two since I’ve started the blog.  

A single prominent feather.  
Unsure why they are so dark.  
Sauce selection: n/a – I don’t think it’s fair to rate this category.  They make a point to mention “Extreme flavor.  No sauce required”. 

Service: n/a – I’m not going to rate this either because it’s not a typical wing establishment, it’s KFC. 

Size: 3/5 – Average sized wing but a bit smaller than what I was led to believe.  
Standard sized wing. 
Total rating: 2.7/5

I've always enjoyed KFC, even how I wonder Twoonie Tuesday is now Three Buck Tuesday, but I really expected a lot more from these wings.  I’ll just stick with the basics next time I go back.  


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