Monday, May 23, 2011

I'll stick with the taters at Mary Brown's

I missed out on regular wing night since I had to work late, so I decided to try the wings at Mary Brown’s.  I love their taters and gravy and I’ve been wanting to try the wings for a while, it’s kind of funny how such anticipation can lead to disappointment sometimes.

Wings by themselves come in three different offerings:
7 wings - $6.99
10 wings – $9.09
15 wings - $12.09

Breading: 2/5 – I really enjoy the breading on Mary Brown’s chicken but for some reason it didn’t really taste the same on the wings and the coating was a lot lighter with a much more greasy type taste. 

Overall quality: 2/5 – The chicken was pretty dried out, not very meaty and didn’t have a whole lot of flavor, but it had the color you would expect a wing to have. 
The pic makes them look better than they actually were.

Sauce selection: 1/5 – Mild, medium or hot, that’s not a lot.

Service:  n/a – Not rated, standard place for walking up and placing your order. 

Size: 2/5 – A lot smaller of a wing than I had expected.  But there are smaller out there. 
Not very plump.
Total rating: 1.75/5

I’m glad I’ve finally tried the wings at Mary Brown’s, but next time I go I’ll be sure to go with the two piece meal, taters and gravy.  The wings were disappointing but I have to say they definitely have the best taters.  

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