Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Angles Jumbo Wings

I decided to try the wings at Angles Family Eatery & Pub in Lower Sackville on Thursday for their advertised “Jumbo Wings dusted in seasoned flour and deep fried”.  They were definitely a good size, but I didn’t taste any seasoning in the breading. 

The wing special is on Thursday’s and they are $0.50/wing.  Regular price starts at $9.99 for 10 wings. 

Breading: 2/5 - The wings were dusted as described, perhaps a little too crispy and overcooked, but there wasn’t really any flavor in the sporadically breaded coat.

Overall quality: 3/5 - The chicken was a little tough to get off the bone and the wings were fairly greasy, but overall the chicken had no weird taste and lacked in darkish spots (which is a nice thing to see). 

Sauce selection: 3/5 – A nice variety of sauces to choose from include mild, medium, hot, suicide, honey garlic, home-made Burbon BBQ, Angles sauce,, Cajun or sweet Thai Chili.  I went with the home-made Burbon and Angles sauce, the Burbon was excellent. 

Service: 4/5 - The place was pretty busy but it didn’t take long for our order to be taken and the wings arrived shortly after. 

Size: 4/5 – The jumbo wings are a good size as advertised and very consistent. 
A pretty good sized wing.

Overall rating: 3.2/5

This place has a whole section dedicated to their online menu for wings offering six different varieties.   If I ever return someday I’d like to try the Hot & Spicy to see if they have more potential.  


  1. Dude, the Cajun dry rub is awesome with hot sauce on the side, you must have gotten a bad batch....i live it there.

  2. Yeah, best wings I ever had, cajun rub is where it's at....