Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dreaded Dr. Sharp's

I ended up working late again last week and was craving wings, so on my way home I decided to stop in at Dr. Sharp’s and order some.  I realized very quickly that I made a horrible decision.

Wing night at Dr. Sharp’s is on Tuesday’s – 10 wings for $5.  I was there on a Wednesday so I had to pay full price, which equates to $11.95 a pound!  Fairly expensive in my opinion but I ordered them anyway.  The menu indicates you get your choice of Roadhouse sauces which is a fairly standard selection of around six different types of basic sauces, once the wings arrived I thought the menu should be updated to include “Roadhouse sauces with Roadkill wings”, these things looked awful right from the get go. 

So, on to the review …

Breading:  n/a – No breading.  I realize there are lots of people out there who like naked wings, I’m not one of them. 
Ugh, that's all I have to say.  

Overall quality: 1/5 - These were some sad looking small wings.  Oddly enough the pic makes them look gooey and raw, but they managed to be dry and flavorless, ugh. 

Sauce: 2/5 – Regular sauce selection, more than 5 flavors but less than 10.  I don’t have the exact sauces they offered but I’ll work on that and update this once I get them. 

Size: 1/5 – Small wings, I actually chuckled out loud by mistake when they arrived, I couldn’t help it.
Not much meat on these
Service: 2/5 – The waitress was really nice, however … She came over a few minutes after the wings arrived and asked how they were.  I’m not one to complain much, but she asked how my wings were and I had to be honest.  I hesitated a few seconds and then honestly told her these were the worst wings I’ve ever had in Halifax.  So that was that. 
I received the bill and was surprised to see I was charged full price for the wings, it was pretty clear I only ate one wing.  I had to ask if there was something they could do, I couldn’t believe they actually served these wings to begin with and here I am paying over $12 for them.  The manager was there and he wasn’t too concerned, and after a couple minutes he decided on 30% off, I’m not sure how that was calculated or why, I thought about just leaving but that probably wouldn’t have went over very well, so I pulled out the credit card in agony and paid for the worst wings I’ve ever had in Halifax.

Total rating: 1.5/5

So, needless to say, I will never ever return to this place for anything.  I was told it’s pretty busy here for Tuesday wing night and everyone seems to enjoy the wings.  Have you ever had the wings here?   Let me know if you have, I really don’t understand how people would actually be able to say they really enjoy these wings, but if you’re one of them, I’m sorry to hear that.  


  1. Yup...been there twice, for the first and last time.

  2. i dont even need to read your review to know what you're talking about.

    the roadhouse has awful wings and the whole place is pretty mediocre.