Saturday, February 26, 2011

Derailed at Doolittle's (Feather Alert!!)

I missed wing night with everyone a while ago due to a late night at work so Thursday I decided to go where it was held – Dave Doolittle's.  Wings are $0.40 on Thursday's.  Everyone last week said the wings there were awesome, so I had to try them.   We arrived and it was pretty busy, generally a good sign, I was expecting some pretty good wings.

As per my last post, I’ve decided to change the rating scale, tonight was the inauguration.  This review and all further reviews will be based on the official BOSSS Chicken Wing Rating Scale

Overall quality
Sauce selection

So here we go: 

Breading: 2/5 – Fairly average, a light breading that was a bit overcooked.  Nothing special at all and a bit disappointing for someone that likes a good breading on their wings. 
Good size wings, but that's about it
Overall quality: 1/5 – This is automatically rated at a 1 if feathers are found on a wing.  There was only one wing with feathers and I know it is a rare occasion, but even the other wings did not taste that great.  A fair amount of discolored chicken, overcooked, fairly dry and a bland taste to them. 
That's a nice looking feather

Sauce selection:  1/5 – This was very limited - mild, hot, honey garlic and blue cheese (an extra charge).  Not that a larger sauce selection would have made much of a difference here. 

Size: 4/5 – I have to admit, these wings were pretty much “jumbo” as advertised as I noticed on the sign outside, and most of them were pretty big.  I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I usually find any wing that is advertised as “jumbo” really seems to have a lower overall quality to it. 
Kind of odd looking
Service: 5/5 – I would almost feel better if the service was as bad as the wings, but Steve (the guy that served the wings) was awesome.  The wings arrived pretty quickly for how busy the place was.  Once he was aware of the feather situation, he was pretty cool about it and let us know that this is not a regular occurrence (he had nothing to do with the feathers on the wings of course).  He sat down and chatted with us for bit, and due to the feather situation and without anyone asking, he determined the wings were on the house for all of us.  You don’t find service like that at very many places these days, and based on the service alone, I’ll probably go back there for a meal someday, something other than wings of course. 

Total Rating = 2.6/5  

Based on the rare occurance of the feathers, I feel I may have to give this place another shot sometime down the road, just to be fair.  


  1. Definitely need to give Doolittle's another shot. Try the "Fred's" sauce with them.

    1. go in late on Thursday and you get Wednesday's re-fried. agreed the Fred sauce is good, but not worth my time

      at one time comparable to the Mustache, but not any more and that's too bad

  2. Hey there Wingman, your price list for most places are two years old. Could you update?

  3. Hey, they are getting old, time flies. Most of them are still the price when I last visited each place however a few people have left comments when they happen to notice a difference and I update them. I'm going to take a look through the list over the next couple of days to see if I can find updated prices online and update accordingly. Thanks.

  4. hey man love your site, but you really need to give dolittles another try. I like you love wings and I try them most places I go. Get some suicide wings at dolittles and I bet you change your mind.

  5. Definitely need to retry Doolittle's. I live on Spring Garden, near most of your top wing places and that doesn't stop me or any of my friends from making the drive to Dartmouth.

  6. So many mixed reviews. I'm going in tonight to try the wings anyways. Most of the recent reviews n word of mouth seems like they improved their quality. I will update