Sunday, February 20, 2011

House blend sauce is a winner, different story for the wings at the Old Port

I decided to go for wings at the Old Port last Thursday, I’ve heard a few people mention it as a good spot for wings.  The wings are $0.35 on Thursday’s and Friday’s after 4:30 and must be ordered in batches of a dozen.  They have six different sauces to choose from – mild, medium, hot, barbeque, honey garlic or house blend Old Port Sauce. 

I ordered two dozen with hot and house blend on the side.  The wings arrived and looked fairly average, no feathers, cooked and a light breading (I actually ordered wings from somewhere before and they really had a few feathers on them, I’ll save that story for another day).  They were a pretty good size, crispy, not overly breaded, some of the chicken had a darkish tinge to it and they tasted a bit greasy. 
The best part of this was the house blend sauce, pictured on the right

However, I really have to say the house blend sauce was the best part.  It wasn’t overly spicy at all and had a real familiar flavor to it, I don’t really know what it is but I do know that it is delicious, and possibly one of the best sauces I’ve had.  If you’ve ever tried it let me know your thoughts on what it might consist of, I may have to smuggle a bunch of sauce out of there sometime and take it to someplace with better wings.  I’m going to have to rate these wings a 3/5, but that house blend sauce would get a 5/5 if I rated wing sauces, I’d really recommend trying it sometime.  


  1. Apparently their Old Port sauce is a combination of a common BBQ sauce and a Dave's Hot Sauce. Whatever it is, you are correct: the combination works!

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