Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wing Street?

Ok, this isn't something I really pre planned to do however I ended up at a Pizza Hut the other day and ordered the Dinner Box for $25, it included pizza, pasta and wings - they call them "Wing Street Wings".  With such a fancy name I figured they have to be good.  Well, I was incorrect on that one. 
Plump chicken nuggets

When you order the Dinner Box you are not allowed to eat it inside the restaurant so we took it home.  It was all in a big box (appropriately named) but the wings had a special compartment and were covered in tinfoil.  I opened them with anticipation but couldn't believe my eyes, they were not wings, but plump looking little chicken nuggets!  I felt ripped off.  I realize people throw around the term "boneless wings", but really?  As far as I am concerned those are not considered wings.

Just before I posted this I went to their website and noticed they have real wings too, but that was also not an option with the Dinner Box, you can't eat that meal in the restaurant and it comes with fake "Wing Street" wings, go figure.  Maybe someday I'll go back, order wings that include a bone and see how it goes.  But 
for now, I really can't rate this since my blog is not for chicken nuggets (but I felt I still had to post this since they are advertised as wings and I had an expectation that the tinfoil ball contained wings).  On a side note though, the Cajun sauce was awesome, hopefully I’ll get to try it with real wings someday.  And if anyone out there has a chicken nugget rating blog, I would suggest giving them a try.  


  1. I recommend you go back and try their real wings! I mean, I realize it's a restaurant chain so you never know how things may vary... But I've never had a bad wing from the Wing Street in Dartmouth. Great tasting sauces, good size wings! Just a little on the expensive side though.

    1. Yeah, this time I'll just be more specific with the order, lol.